Apr 10, 2010

In love with a fairytale


Today I went all fairytale!

Originally this was kinda doll inspired look, with white waterline, and thick eyeliner:

 MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Gesso e/s
MAC Kitschmas pigment
MAC Fuchsia pigment
Black eyeshadow (I used Sleek's)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MSCHIC Karolina lipchic

I also did a super bright look, and I also made a step-by-step tutorial for this, I'll post it if someone's interested?

Yesterday I got three new MSCHIC lipchic's, Karolina, Emmanuelle and Petra.

They are really super bright colors, here's swatches:




I also got MSCHIC's Baked Mineral Blusher in Fresh Glow:

And here it is in action:

Stay tuned. I'm going to release info of the giveaway in couple of days ;D


  1. Love the purple waterline on the second look :)

  2. I love the fairytale look, absolutely beautiul! The wig is amazing.

  3. So interested in a tutorial!! Would love for you to do one!

  4. I would like the tutorial too!

  5. lsakdjalsjd those lipsticks are HOT! And your fairytale look with the wig is just perfect, you look like a disney princess XD

  6. your first look is gorgeous, but I don't have a "dollface" so I doubt I could pull it off :P

    I did try the sescond look today though... as always, it turned out differently (especially since I only had dark purple liner), but I love the inspiration =)

  7. i love this! so beautiful and fun.

    check out my makeup site: http://makeupmajesty.blogspot.com

  8. U r so inpirating! <3 I love the pic where u r "almost without make up", such a nice change and reminder that u r person like we all are. Talented woman u r! :)


  9. Def. put up a tutorial for that! I just did something similar with my Smashbox pigments.. I'm stoked to see your interpretation of the bright look. :]

  10. First, excuse my bad English, my original language is Spanish. I had to break the silence and tell you that your work is for me a source of constant inspiration.
    I am a beginner and see your work makes me want to improve. Thanks for this blog, thanks for sharing it with us, I feel I learn something every day.



  11. Please post the tutorial on that bright look. I've been reading your blog for months now and you're simply amazing make-up ARTIST-the color combo you come up with are just breathtaking. "Who poisoned the pool" is one of my favorite looks, I'd love to see a tutorial for that too. Keep on the good work.


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