Apr 9, 2010

Barbie Volturi and other oddities


I've been way too lazy lately. I haven't even taken pics of my LOTD's :D I also did a makeup for a friend of mine, but didn't take pics :S

But anyway, I'm gonna give you looks for fun. :D I'll start with a look I did for my new sweet lobster jewellery/container/thingy:

Then I wanted to be like Babie, 'cos that girl is like um, is like... like... well she's so awesome and she like has everything and she's like sooooo pretty and all!

Ohwell, it's quite horrible <3

Then Felicia asked me to do a recreation of Twilight Saga: New Moon's Jane Volturi's makeup.
First of all, I have to say I'm really not a fan of Dakota's makeup in the movie, Jane is supposed to be childlike character, not gothlike :S

But I decided to do my take on the look.
So here's Dakota Fanning as Jane Volturi:

I HAVE to point out how badly the makeup is actually done! O_O
Seriously, for starters, didn't they have tweezers? And ever heard of blending? And what is going on under her eyes, is that foundation? Seriously.

But anyway, here's my take. I decided to use gray and black, and my red contacts. I also left my eyebrows quite light:


And one pic with blond wig:

And one with my own hair:

Then the same pic tuned to match the whole New Moon theme:

I also have to show you my new jewellery (necklace was in the barbie pics already though):

But that's all this time. Postman didn't bring me anything this week, so I hope next week will bring me something fun!

PS. Would you be interested of a giveaway? I have MSCHIC's AWESOME Face canvas, Mineral Miracle powder, X rated mascara and Astral Shine eye stain without loving home, anybody interested? I might add something else in the package too!


  1. Hy, this is such a great post, thanks so much for the inspiration!! I also love the comments on the Twilight make up, I agree with you, I don't like it...

    have an awesome day!


  2. Wow I love it , u are so cool.. I love the looks specially the barbie one =)

  3. I'd rock that Barbie look any day! ;) I love it.


  4. Interested, duuuuuuh. What do I have to do? :D

  5. id be interested. the first look is so pretty! and i love how you lined your upper lash line with the pink glitter!

  6. so artistic http://caricollazo.blogspot.com

  7. immaculate and inspiring as per usual!
    love the sparkles lining the lid on your barbie look.
    i like how you left your eyebrows undefined on the twilight look. i don't get dakota either... maybe her eyebrows are unplucked to keep her part youthful? and yea, terrible job blending the shadow and foundation. makes the whole look tacky.

  8. I don't care for twilight, but I love the makeup you did~ It looks fabulous on you. It's goth-y, but very subtle.
    I also love the bright pink lips in the barbie makeup. It's such a pretty pink~ I've been wanting a pink lipstick that color.

  9. I never noticed how bad hers was before, I just didn't like the way she looked just because it WAS Dakota Fanning. Were those the promo pics? If so, the person who distributed them should be canned, you can see her contact edge!

    Yours is MUCHO bettah!

    And I love that purple-y blue shade in the barbie look. And hells yeah a give away would be sweeeet :)

  10. I love the Volutri look you did (way better than the movie), but the Barbie was definitely my favorite!!!! And I would LOVE a giveaway. I have been wanting to dry some of the MSCHIC products but I am having a hard time navigating thru their website because it's in a different language. :(

    I'm loving you in the blonde Barbie wig by the way!!! :D

  11. I totally agree. tweezers someone please. Yeah that was one thing I noticed they did with bella in the second film... they didnt tweeze her well in the first film but they did on the second. she looks polished in the second film. Now they need to work on jane. loe your version.

  12. who WOULDN'T be interested in a giveaway?

    & wow... as for dakota... that entire look looks elementary and cheap halloween-y. they should hire you!

  13. Your Volturi look is so delightfully creepy :D Dakota's brows are absolutel fricken HORRIBLE in those promo photos, and the contacts make her look like she's got 2 lazy eyes.

    I also love the gold leaf on the first look, and you look so dolly in the Barbie one! :D

  14. waouuuuuuuu this is so pretty XO

  15. your version of volutri makeup is so much better! and the red hair totally works. Great job on the other looks too!

  16. I'm not much of a fan of Twilight Saga, but have to say, that Jane Volturi make up is BAAAD! Do they have a beginner doing all the make ups there? All professionals should know better and avoid such mistakes like caked foundation under eye.
    My fav of these looks is the first one with golden sprinkles =) And those red contacts are just so freaky!

    Anyway, giveaway would be sweet =)

  17. givaways are always fun =D

  18. I love love love the Barbie look. That twilight stuff is DUMB. Tweezers people, come on! And it looks like they just let her do her own makeup? I don't know, thats lame. Good thing I'm not a fan of the series. Haha. A give away would be sweet!

  19. Eeep! I'm super excited about all these makeups, they're totally awesome all of them! And a giveaway would be lot's of fun if it's international :P

  20. OMG! that looks so dope! haha seriously though .. amazing. I was wondering do you go out in public wearing those contacts? I would love to see the looks on ppls faces! hehe

  21. I do like your Volturi-ish look, but I gotta say - hers looks creepier. I think you kinda missed the point by making it all soft around the edges. It looks nice, just too polished and glamorous to be vampiric. The things you call flaws are what MAKE the look - they're intentional. You can not want that look for yourself and that's fine, but you're not improving it - just doing something else.


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