Apr 13, 2010

Wanted to make a scene.

Hello sweeties!

I had an exciting day today, I did a makeup for my friend with MSCHIC products, so you can check the look (and product list) from my MSCHIC blog.

So I was randomly bouncing around in internetz, when I bumped into the term "scene makeup". It appears to mean lots of black in eyes and lots of hair :D

I decided to "make my own scene" ( ;D ) and added some teal / turqouise to the look. And stars :D

And of course the HAIR:
I guess my face just won't fit in this scene.

( Okey, enough with the scene's :D )

Today I finally ordered the 66 color lip palette from ebay, but it's the same palette that coastalscents sells.

And like I said, I did my friend makeup for my MSCHIC blog, so go check out the look!


  1. wohooo! your friend looks amazing with your makeup on! :D

  2. Fabulous. You are so talented!

  3. Such a pretty will placed eye look! I'm thinking about getting the lip palette, because of the blue shades. x

  4. love the look, tell us how that lip palette works

  5. The stars are awesome! Of course when I think scene, I think Club Scene or BDSM Scene.

  6. at first I was a little iffy just seeing the eye (on if it'd work on me), but when I see your full face it looked amazing! That's my tomorrow's look officially :P

  7. I could imagine Lady Gaga with this kind of look ;)
    This is gorgeous, well done ;)

  8. I actually like your take on the scene much better :) I hate the scene, especially because they don't blend their ~smokey eyes, haha

  9. I love all your lookos, it is so amazing and i like every single look.

  10. you have GOT to tell me what that blue liner is. I tried this look out today, and it was AWFUL. that liner would've saved me... lol... mine turned out too dark, so there wasn't that cool effect =(

  11. I love it! I've seen "scene" that's kind of goth but I've also seen "scene" where they will throw in color like that too. It looks perfect in the full face shot with that hair!


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