Apr 3, 2010



Today I'll start with a NYX look I made for MakeupGeek's Idea Gallery:

Then my yesterday's look, first time in my life I tried light brows and dark makeup together. Actually to be honest, this was the first time I EVER tried light brows :3

There's MAC Violet Trance, Sleek Acid's purple,  MAC Fuchsia glitter, MAC Reflects Transparent Teal glitter and Purple liner from MUG Store. Lips are combination of MAC Creme d'Nude and Gohs Light and Shine lipgloss.

This was my other look from yesterday , I randomly started to play with makeup, and came up with this:

There's MAC Unsquare, MAC Shroom and Sleek silver and black.

Then my today's makeup, with NYX Jumbo pencil Black Bean, MAC Gesso, TheSheSpace Root of Evil and Sleek silver:

I also did light brows (and lips) again:
I also did a bit of shopping:

I bought:

- W&W MegaChrome eyeliner pencil Antique Green
- W&W MegaChrome eyeliner pencil Purplexed
- W&W Kajal & Eyeliner Turquoise
- W&W Kajal & Eyeliner Sky Blue
- W&W Lipliner Milk Coffee
- W&W Lipliner  Coralic Beige
- Gosh Velvet Touch eyeliner Purple Stain
- Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner #10 (blue)
- Models Own Glitter Eyepencil Green Goddess
- ModelsOwn Nail Laquer Pink Explosion
- W&W Ultimate Minerals Loose Eyeshadow Amethyst

And Max Factor's 4 piece brush set as a freebie.

(W&W stands for Wet'n'Wild)
(all W&W's were on -50% sale, so they were CHEAP.)

Here's swatches:

Well, the W&W kajalpencils are supersoft, I think they are too soft actually. They are also really long, which makes them unconfortable for me to use, but they were almost free and I needed colorful pencils so :D

W&W MegaChromes are much harder, and the Antique Green is really "dry". I don't know if it's really usable, since you really need to rub to get any color out of it. The purple one is much better, not too soft or dry or anything. It just wasn't really purple on skin, even the pencil itself suggest that it would be really purple.

W&W pigment comes with the most horrible applicator:

So I depotted the pigment :D

Gosh is still great on quality, pencil is not too hard, and not too soft, and it's really pretty purple.
Liquid eyeliner are really opaque and I sure they are not only waterproof, but also bombproof. :P

ModelsOwn pencil has really good textrure, it has a lot of pigment, and unlike many glitterpencils I've tried, it's not too chunky.

I haven't tried the brushes yet, but I'll tell you more about them when I get to use them.

Anyway, that's it!


  1. Lovely as usual ♥
    Love the purple look.

  2. I am so excited! I own all the products you listed to do the Makeup Geek look! Thank you for all the inspiration. You are so beautiful and you have so much talent.

  3. ...What palette is the Sleek silver in? Acid?

  4. Very beautiful. My favorites are the purple and the last look you pictured!

  5. The purple one is so amazing! Love your technique!

    Great haul :)

  6. The blue GOSH liner is so pretty :)

    And I love the lighter brows! It really softens your face overall.

  7. I gave you and award! Check it out :)

  8. Thank you all! <3 You're such sweethearts everyone <3

    And Eden Bue, it's in Acid, yes :)

  9. All makeups are gorgeous, as always! I especially like the last one.

  10. I really like the light brows on you. They make you look really soft and serene.


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