Apr 1, 2010

Nobody's Fool (and own domain)


You may have noticed something different in the addressbar. I have my own domain now!
So now you just need to type jangsara.com to the addressbar, and you're here! So update you bookmarks!

EDIT: Apparently my domain's working was just a April fool's day joke, and it stopped working. But I'll try to get it to work as soon as possible!

Since today is the April fool's day, I wanted to do "Nobody's fool" -inspired makeup. And I also wanted to finally use my Aromaleigh shadows :3

But here it is:

MSCHIC Eyeshadow base
Aromaleigh  I see Red
Aromaleigh Helter Skelter
Aromaleigh Teenage Kicks
Aromaleigh  Psycho Candy
Aromaleigh Black Diamond
AromaleighWhite Riot
MAC Gesso (to intense the white)
Sleek black (to intense the black)
MSCHIC Sumi-e eye stain

Then my yesterday's not-so-wild makeup, using Kat von D's Steel Blue and MAC Smoothblue Technakohl:

The later I made a look using just ONE eyeshadow, TheSheSpace Far Too Fabulous. I also bought Max Factor's Masterpiece Beoynd Lenght mascara in blua, and it also has pink mascara in it, so I used both pink and blue in this one:

I was really unsure whether put this here or not, but finally I decided to show it. This must be one of my biggest fails in a while, there just too much of everything. I like the "rising sun" effect, and the whole black/turquoise thing, but I HATE the lashes and lid color. But here's a sample of my failing:

But then to the whole easter thing that's coming, and a look I made for BftE's Get The Look -gallery:

I used:

Atomic Teal
Envy liner from MUGStore
Make Up Store "Punk" lashes


  1. you do amazing looks... even the one you say you failed looks great to me!

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore the first look on this post! Fantastic! ♥

  3. Even the sun has its dark spots;-)

  4. God how funny incident, I have quite similar eyes to you and I tried exactly the same form of shading as you in the first look :D With the different that I kept it quite high shaded even in the inner corner of eyes which didnt quite impress the eyes, but your idea of hightening the shading up to brows in the inner corner is just awesome, gotta try that look!! Lovely to find somebody else that has quite similar eyeform, helps finding new ideas to shading and colors =) Youre so talented, cant understand how you do the looks so blended it looks like its magic by just changing sooo smoothly from one to another! :) How long have you been doing make-ups?

  5. You are so talented that it's almost painful to watch ;D the first look is SO firey, I love it

  6. Ha, I like how your fail is better than what I could ever do on a good day. Love, love, love the first look :)

  7. I love your Everybody's Fool and Easter looks. I even love the look which you said was a fail ;) I think it would be great for a carnival or something!

  8. i love the green and yellow look :) it's adorable :P


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