Apr 6, 2010

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Hello everyone!

This is gonna be a quick post, since I didn't really do makeup today, and yesterday my makeup was pretty plain.

How ever, I did a crazy look for you guys!

I  was (kinda ) inspired by the movie Avatar again, I made a sketch lasty night of how I would like it to be, but again the reality wasn't quite what I planned.

Anyway, it's crazy, bold, and the contact lens was horribly painful to wear for some reason, so I had to edit my eye a bit whiter (it was RED). I might overdone it in the second pic, sorry about that :3

But, the pics:

I used mainly Sleek and SMH shadows, and 4 different false lashes :D:D

And like said, my yesterday's look was pretty plain and simple, we went to dinner at my husbands parents so I didn't wanna wear anything too bright.
So I used MAC goldmode, MAC Heritage Rouge and MAC Provence pigments:

But that's it for today, I hope this new week brings me (pleasent) suprises!

(Check out also my MSCHIC post about mascaras:
http://msjangsara.blogspot.com/2010/04/from-ashes-to-lashes.html )


  1. Wow, that first look is incredible!

  2. The Avatar inspired look is AMAZING!!!

  3. The lashes and trippy contacts totally make the Na'vi look :D

  4. The Avatar one blew me away. You are so talented! xoxo


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