Apr 20, 2010



MakeupGeek has Lady Gaga inspired weekly challenge, and I fianlly decided to to a look for it.

We all know that Gaga lover her sunglasses (if you can even call then SUNGLASSES, they are so tuned out :D).
I had this CRAAAAAZY idea of making makeup sunglasses with sequins, glitter and black, and here's the end result:

Should I make a record?
The bow is actually made from another wig, so it's really that big!

And here's without the wig:

And then my today's makeup:

YES, I have red eyebrows! And I actually liked them so much, I wore them out in public. :D
Look is made with 120 color palette.

My yesterday's look was unusual combination of colors, MAC Blue Flame and Heritage Rouge:

My yesterday's nails <3 :

I also found something I must have:

MAC Pearlglide eyeliner from Art Supplies collection:Undercurrent. It's the middle one in the swatch pic. I love it ;_;
Unfortunaltely I don't know if it's already released in Finland, is it sold out, ehen will it be available etc :/

Buuuut anyway.

Now I guess I'm of to bed :P


CHECK out my MSCHIC blog for this:


  1. Oh wow, i LOVE the Gaga look! You're so talented.

  2. That gaga inspired look is AMAZING! the other ones are fab as normal... love your talent!!

  3. The Gaga look's just great! Really impressive :)
    And I love that Blue Flame and Heritage Rouge look!

  4. These posts are the definition of "eye candy"! So inspiring! If your work was ever turned into an art book, I would buy it!

    I love visiting your sites. Keep up the great work, please. :)

  5. Wow!!!! Just beautiful looks, the Lady Gaga - you nailed it! Lovely!

  6. Gaga look is AMAZING! Great job! I also love your 120 palette look. Love how you're rocking those red brows! Reminds me of the Gaga Viva Glam look.


  7. Those sequins are inspiring! Amazing! And the wig simply rocks. I hope you submitted it to the challenge at make up geek. If so, good luck. What's the prize?

  8. Oooh, you must try those MAC Pearlglide eyeliners. I purchased Blue Petrol and Designer Purple. They are super soft and great color payoff. I did not purchase Undercurrent yet but it is beautiful with a very unique color.

    Love the GAGA!

  9. The makeup sunglasses are so creative! They look so amazing! I'm sure you'll win

  10. aww i love the huge bow!! you are so uber creative :) so inspiring.

  11. Brilliant,darling!!

  12. Woooow, I love the Gaga look, that's so creative. The pic with the wig/bow is so cool!

    I saw the pearlglide eyeliners in our MAC stores (Ntherlands) and they're very pretty but also limited, I thought. :(

    I really like the red eyebrows on you. Looks good!

  13. love it keep up the amazing job :)

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  15. You're so talented!
    Gaga look is really creative! It's awesome!

  16. Awwww <3 Aivan mahtava tuo lady gaga tyyli taas ^^
    Ja tuo rusetti :P

  17. Ihana! Rusetti on ihan huippu :D


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