Apr 21, 2010

OhmiGosh, a new collection!


Today I found out something exciting!

I found info and pics about Gosh's new upcoming spring collection:

Here's the collection:

New and Limited Edition - Special Eye Shadow Quattro -two applicators and a mirror. 

Bohemian Gypsy : gray, lavender, pinkish and bordeaux , Modern Gypsy : dark blue, light blue, orange and lime:

Jumbo Lip Gloss Pencils  - Cabana Orange (orange) Flamingo Coral (pink) and Gypsy Red (red)

Nail Lacquer - Available in Hot Coral (fiery-red) and Gypsy Blue (light blue)

Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Available in Sky High (light blue), Lemon Soda (lemon yellow) and Purple Stain (purple).

I'm actually really waiting for the palettes. I think that Modern Gypsy might be on my shopping list. :3
I'm not excited of the pencils, since I own 2/3 :/ So they are part of the permanent collection.
I'm CURIOUS about lip gloss pencils. A what? It looks like NYX jumbo pencil, but it's suppose to be glossy? WTF? :D

Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea when those are gonna be available. :/
But I'm sure I'm gonna post something about them when they do :D

About Gosh, I received a sample of their new foundation primer, and I tought I'd share somethoughts of it.

"Whipped mousse consistency - a little goes a long way
helps to even skin tone, fill in pores and fine lines to stop your make up from settling in and creasing and helps keep your skin matte to avoid your makeup slipping throughout the day"

So basicly it's a foundation primer, that works like almost all primers.
It's effect is similar to my HG MSCHIC Face Canvas, but this is much more cream-like. It also leaves more oilier feeling to skin that Face Canvas.

Pictures are not the best, and you can't really tell if it smoothens the skin, but you just have to trust me on this :D It does smoothen your skin.

I'd say that if you can't get MSCHIC's Face Canvas, you should definately try this one.

So, then to makeup :D
My today's makeup was kinda green/blue with gold. I used my Sleek Safari, Original and Sunset to create this:

Oh, and Pure Luxe's green glitter (I guess they call it flash cube though).

Then SingaporeSling asked me to do a golden disco look, so I made this:

I used Manly 120 color palette, and nail glitters :3

That all!

PS. I hope the volcanic ashes go away fast, so my stuff from ebay could fly into my arms -_-

PPS. http://www.jangsara.com/ finally works too :D Not as I intended, but anyway :D


  1. OMG! Gotta get some new Gosh! Right now! I want it!!

  2. The bohemian gypsy palette looks totally gorgeous, can't wait for the spring collection to come out! Your face of the date is stunning, as always!


  3. The new Gosh collection looks lovely. I wish Gosh was available over here in the USA in stores :P

  4. If you have the opportunity to swatch the gosh collection, I would love knowing a bit more about the textures. I like the green and yellow look a lot :).

  5. The glitter on the golden disco look is SO CUTE :3

    I wonder how the GOSH gloss pencils will compare to the Barry M ones, because those got some mixed reviews =/

  6. HI! How do you manage to attach the glitter on top of your eyeshadow? (the PureLuxe one)

  7. Thank you so much Jangsara, it's wonderful !

    I have got Manly 120 colors palette so I will reproduce it the best as I can...
    The glitters are amazing. How do you stick them ? With a special glue using for false lashers for example ?

    I will send you some photos if you want, with my own realization ;-)

  8. Wauw that Gosh collection looks awesome! Unfortunately we usually don't get special products like these in our drugstores :(

    I think the sleek-look is zo beautiful. I'm gonna try something like that soon!

  9. omg this awesome , ur eyes beautiful!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Did you end up buying anything from this GOSH collection? I swatched in the store a couple of days ago, and I hated it! It felt so grainy, hard and the color payoff was horrible. I don't know if it was something wrong with the testers or what, please let me know if you have other experience with these palettes, cause I looooved the promo picture!

  12. Siilike and SingporeSling, I attach my glitters with MSCHIC's Glitz Fix, which is somewhere between glue and cream :D

    Shamini, they still haven't arrived in here :( I'm sorry to hear that they seem bad, i haven't yet even swatched them so I really can't tell how they are.


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