Feb 1, 2010

Sing for the moment

Hello again!

I'm sorry I didn't have time to update my blog, I had a busy weekend with opera ;D

First I wanna say, that my last topic (phantom of the opera one) maybe was a bit misleading, I wasn't doing makeup for the Phantom of the Opera show. I did makeup's for the small production called La Contadina. It was really funny and entertaining performance, and I really enjoyed being part of it.

These pics are taken from the last rehearsal, and Joonas (the male lead) had already washed his mask off. And Annami's (female lead) and Ann-Marie's (mute) masks also changed a bit to the final show, but these pics still give an idea of what I was doing :D



All stage pics by Heikki Tuuli.

And then to my own makeup.

Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what I used in these following looks, but I'll try my best :D

First my look from 1/29, I remember using MAC Gold Spice for this one :


I really liked a lot of myy look from 1/30. I think I managed to create beatiful shape for my lid. I think I used MAC Orb, Kat von D's Leather, MAC Unsquare and Kat von D's Tequala:





And my dark look using MAC Young Punk, Kat von D's Lucifer and Speed Blue, and  MSCHIC's  Prince eyeshadow:





Aaaaand finally my today's look, using MAC Orb, MAC Off the Page and MSCHIC's Electric Blue Sea eye stain:



But yeah, that's it.

I have some exciting news, but I think I'll wait just few days more before I tell you :D

PS. And my new brush kit is from MSCHIC ;D


  1. what exciting news, what ????

  2. WOW!! Aivan upeita "silmiä"!! You rock!! :)

    Kiitoksia vielä!!

    Corbo ;)

  3. thanks once again for these valuable makeup tricks, I have learned a lot form your blog and I hope to keep visiting you for more awesome ideas!


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