Feb 2, 2010

Cameo Chameleon


I'm not gonna talk about my exciting news just yet, you'll have to wait few more days ;D
But I can give you a hint: It has something to do with MSCHIC's new website ;D

But anyway. I loved my makeup today.
I have somekind of neutral phase at the moment apparently :D

I also bought new contacts, they are dark blue, but they look almost black in my eyes:

I decided to use them today for the first time :D

Burt anyway, first pics without contacts, and then wit the contacts on:


 Biiig eyes!

( I would LOVE to have a hair like that, unfortunately that's jus a wig :( )

Here's close-up's of the makeup:



I used:

MAC Painterly p/p
Mineralissima Outbreak
Mineralissima Terra
M.A.D. Minerals Sunset Beige
MAC Polished Ivory
UD 24/7 Pencil Zero
Revlon false lashes "Flirty"

Then I tried to do another entry for Makeup Geek's Red&Black challenge, but since I didn't like the result, I'm not gonne post this into the challenge.

I used Stargazer red loose eyeshadow, Stargazer red eyeshadow, ModelsOwn pink e/s, MSCHIC's Vanilla Eyes Cream, Stargazers red eyeliner and PureLuxe's Avenging Angel superliner:

I really don't know what this one is, plain look for fun. MSCHIC black, Stargazer red eyedust, Ben Nye Tangerine, Ben Nye Aztec Gold:

That's it again. Now I'm of to shower <3


  1. I really fancy the last one. I think I will do that one tomorrow!

  2. ...whoa, you look just gorgeous with (and without) those contacts! I wish I could get some coloured contact lenses but I already wear them for real... :(

    I like the look that you did for the challenge, too. Personally, I would enter it, but of course it's up to you :)

  3. you look like a doll with those contacts on.
    Great looks, btw! Love the hair :)

  4. Loving you looks... always! You always have such great application. I'm not sure if you have seen any pics from the US Grammys, but there is an artist named Kesha that had great makeup. I saw her pic & instantly thought of you! Would love to see your take on her look.

  5. Wow they look really good on you, I could never pull something like that off...great hair by the way!

  6. Dude, you NEED to post that look in the MakeupGeek challenge, it's AMAZING :D

  7. Hello.
    Love the contacts. where did you get them??
    and also love the red and black look ... you should post it to makeupgeek.
    You are such an inspiration ... please, PLEASE follow my blog claudsmakeupcorner.blogspot.com

  8. Mä oon aina ollu värillisiä piilareita vastaan, tai siis etten ainakaan itelle halua... Mutta nuohan on aivan ihanat!! Tai sitten ne vaan sopii sulle :D

  9. Oon tässä varmaan sata kertaa tsekannu tän postauksen ja rakastun aina tohon peruukkiin. :3 Niin ku ois ihana hankkii sellanen peruukki mitä vois käyttää ihan arkisin, kauan oon sellasta ettiny, mut tuo olis aivan ihana. Niin asiaan, että mistä oot ostanu noin kauniin peruukin? :o

    Meikit on ihania, kuten ihan aina, oot kyllä mestari. ♥

  10. Kiitos! Ebaystähän tuokin peruukki on, en muista enää miltä myyjältä, mutta täältä löytyy listattuna kaikki nuo myyjät joilta oon shopannu peruukkeja: http://jangsara.blogspot.com/p/where-does-she-buy-all-that-stuff.html

  11. Kiitos tästä! (: Tuo peruukki sopii sulle kyllä ihan älyttömän hyvin. ^^


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