Feb 25, 2010

Millions of peaches, peaches for me

Hi everyone!

Today you'll get a tutorial!

I wanted to make something new for Makeup Geek's idea gallery, and I ended up using Ben Nye pigments.

Here's how it turned out:







You need:

MAC Painterly paint pot (or other primer)
Ben Nye Golden Apricot
Ben Nye Azalea
Ben Nye Aztec Gold
Ben Nye Iced Gold
Ben Nye Royal Purple
Ben Nye Indian Copper
MAC Blacktrack (or other black liner)

Prime your eye. I used MAC Painterly paint pot:

  Add Ben Nye Golden Apricot to whole lid:

Then add Ben Nye Aztec Gold to inner corner:

Blend Ben Nye Indian Copper to outer corner and crease, so it mixes with Golden Apricot. Then add Ben Nye Iced Gold to highlight:

Then add Ben Nye Azalea to your outer corner: 

Then Ben Nye Royal Purple on crease, blended upwards: 

Blend Royal Purple with Azalea and Golden apricot if needed. Add Azalea to your lower lashline:

Here's how it should look now:

Then add Royal purple to your lower outer corner:

Then the liner to upper lashline and waterline. I wanted my liner to be thick, to give some "darkness" to the look:

Create double wing by expanding the Royal Purple from the corner. Add a hint of Royal Purple on top of your upper liner:

Add mascara and false lashes, and you're done!



That's all this time!

Now I'm gonna go and eat some TORTILLAS! om-nom-nom-nom-nom!


  1. I LOVE the tutorial. Thank you so much for it.

  2. this one looks awesome on you!
    cant wait to try it!

  3. wow!! amazing!!!

    i don´t knew this blog and i love it. it´s incredible what you doing. i just only do the black line with the eyeliner and nothing more xD

    one day i will try to do this. give to me lucky

    Pd: sorry for my english

  4. GORGEOUS! Looks really good w/ your eye color :)
    What kind of falsies did you use?

  5. You are amazing! Another fabulously gorgeous look :D

  6. Gorgeous as always! Kind of reminds me of a tropical sunset?

  7. Really lovely!
    thanks a lot

  8. Golden Apricot is a beautiful color!
    what falsies are those!?

  9. Amazing! Your eyeliner skill is perfection!

  10. This is utterly beautiful, you chose the perfect shades of pink, purple and peach :)

  11. wow you look amazing i love this look on you :)

  12. Beautiful!! It looks amazing on you!

  13. can you do a tutorial with 120 pallets ? thanks, you are the best, i love all your hard work makeup, i really really love it!

  14. I tried to re-created this with bare minerals. Not perfect, and I'm not very good, (yet, I hope) , bit it still looked pretty amazing.
    Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  15. This look is very, very beautiful :-)

  16. Holy Cow! Stumbleupon really hit a homerun sending me here! You look gorgeous!


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