Feb 27, 2010

Pigmented peacock

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry I didn't write anything yesteday, I was shopping and I was pretty tired when I got home :3

BUT, I'll try to make it up to you today!

I'm not gonne give just ONE step-by-step tutorial, I'm gonna give you TWO of them!

First look looks like this:

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Heritage Rouge pigment
MAC Copper pigment
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Melon pigment
MAC Blue Brown pigment

MAC Gesso eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack fluidline

MAC #34 lashes

And the second one is more fantasy styled, this is inspired by a peacock:


MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Teal pigment
MAC Copper pigment
MAC Chartreuse pigment
MAC Melon pigment
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Deep Blue Green pigment
MAC Smooth Blue technakohl
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MAC #34 lashes
Revlon  Blue Shadow lashes

But before I go into tutorials. I', gonna show you my yesterday's LOTD, here's my (a bit boring) look from yesterday, I got a bit hurry, so I made a simple look with MAC Vintage Gold pigment:


I went to Helsinki, and did a bit shopping.
I bought MAC Gesso eyeshadow, 'cos I needed a pure white shadow.
I also bought my first MAC lashes, no. 34. I wanted something, that would be wearable, but still heavily visible, so they were great for that purpose.
I alse bought brandless fantasy lashes, MSCHIC SkunkLash mascara, Duo adhesive and Make Up Store eyedust Glory.
And new colored contacts, Aqua Marine:

Here are the fantasy lashes:


And here's MAC lashes and the contact lens:

Then, like I promised, the TUTORIALS!
First my LOTD, look with MAC Copper, Heritage Rouge, Blue Brown and Melon:

First you prime your eye. I used MAC Painterly paint pot, as always:

Then add MAC Copper pigment to your whole lid:

Add MAC Melon pigment to crease, from inner corner all the way up to brow, lower on the outer corner:

Then add Heritage Rouge to the crease and to outer half of the lid. Create a sharp shape. Add also light highlighter, I used MAC Gesso e/s and MAC Vanilla pigment:
Then add MAC Blue Brown to outline the Heritage Rouge. It doesn't really show in the image, but believe me, it gives a nice touch to the look:

Then add Heritage Rouge and Melon to your lower lashline:

Then the liner, MAC Blacktrack to both upper lashline and waterline:

Then add mascara, and you're done!

I then added my MAC #34 lashes to bring more glamour to the look:



And full face:

Then the tinyest bit of photomanipulation, I changes my eyecolor to bright blue, I think this look would look absolutely STUNNING with bright blue eyes:

Then the peacock look tutorial!

Again, prime your eye. I used MAC Painterly paint pot:

Then add MAC Teal pigment to whole lid:

Then MAC Chartreuse pigment to inner corner:

Then MAC Copper to crease:

Blend with MAC Melon pigment:

Then add MAC Deep Blue Green where Copper ends, and add Charteuse above it:

Blend colors together using Teal to Chartreuse and Deep Blue Green and Vanilla as a highlighter:

Add MAC Deep Blue Green to your outer half of the lid and to your crease:

Add Deep Blue Green to half way to lower lashline, Chartreuse to inner hald:

Then liner. Black liner to upper lashline, I alse created double wing. I also used MAC Smoothblue technakohl to my waterline:

Then the mascara:

And the the falsies if you wish, and you're done!

Oh, and I also did a small order to Aromaleigh. I ordered no more than ~70 baggies of eyeshadow samples :3 They were cheap and I just COUDN'T deside what to take, so I took almost everything :3 
Oopsie :D

I'm also planning a giveaway, if I can figure out what to give away :D


  1. Ah, very pretty again. Your skills never cease to amaze me :) By the way, I actually liked the first look better with your normal eyes. The bright blue eyes were pretty but something about the grey/blue was more... mysterious? Not sure but I liked it :)

  2. amazingly gorgeous as always!! 70 baggies!!! Nice, I love aromaleigh.

  3. Loooove the peakcock! Very creative!

  4. Ooh, I love Aromaleigh. I can't stop ordering from them, haha.

    I really love the way you used the feather lashes on the bottom in your peacock look...very pretty!

  5. Those Aromaleigh sample baggies are beginning to grow on me. So cheap, yet the quality is high! Oh, and the colours.. Especially the Rocks!-collection. Love at first sight. ♥

    //Oho, tajusin vasta nyt että olet suomalainen.. No, antaa mennä :D

  6. hi i love all your looks.. would you not consider doing a live tutorial.??? pls then we can see and can remember how you actually do the look...

  7. These looks are great, the second one inspired me for my LOTD, but in a pink way.
    Many thanks for your tutorial, it really help me to try to make so nices makeup as yours.. but I'm far far away !!
    Keep on create and show us how you do it

  8. Jangsara, will you tell us what you think about the new Spring Color Forecast Collection from MAC ? And what is must have and what is to leave ?
    Thanks :-))

  9. The peacock look is so perfect with those lashes :)

  10. These are gorgeous! I can't wait to try them!

  11. Awesome, I love this look!

  12. Super cool, I love that Revlon blue shadow eyelashes!

  13. You are absolutely brilliant with make-up. Love these looks - they are so creative. If you're not a professional make-up artist, and you aspire to be, you really should be one. Don't waste your talent. : )

    All the best,

  14. I really like the colors of the shadows .. I love ... and also they are easy to apply.
    Thanks for the info.

    Caroline White

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  15. i need to know how to take such good close up pictures!! do uhave a special camera? or do you just put the regular camera on macro shot?

  16. I so want to attempt the peacock look. I am sure I can find some dupes in my 120 palette!


  17. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME........I LOVED IT amazing creative work plz keep posting new looks


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