Feb 24, 2010

Masquerade Macabre

Hello, and thank you for the ideas and suggestions!

I'll try to write about photographing looks and about blending at some point, I've had a lot of requests of those :D

I got my Trucco Angel Face palette today, and so far I love it. I'll post pics and swatches later on in this post, but first I'm gonna show you a look I did today.

First of all I wanna warn you, the may not be suitable for small children, since this is a gore look.

But anyway, onwards to the look.

Making a mask has been on my list for a while now, but today I finally had the idea and inspiration.

I wanted to make a sort of "anti-mask", I wanted it to look like somebody ripped the mask AND skin away.
Well, things don't always go as you planned, and this became more of a burned skin mask than ripped off, but anyway. I still like the idea ;D

Here we go:

( Look contains liquid latex, vaselin, black & red eyeshadow and fake blood )



Then I paired the look with red and black lips:


Some details, how the "skin" is hanging:



Then to my new baby, the Sebastian Trucco Angel Face (Angel Eyes?) palette:

Here's the palette closed:

Here it is open. Doesn't look like much, right? :

BUT check the swatches:
 No base - NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil

I love them. I just totally love them. 
We all may know that I have a weakness in duocromes and other oddities, and these just hit the spot. 
Truly amazing <3

And of course I had to give them a try, and I made "angelic" makeup with it:




I love how they change color!

But I guess that's all again :D


  1. OK, I'm totally loving that mask-thingy, might have to ask you to do that for me at some point :P

    And love the duos, gorgeous!

  2. Wow, those eyeshadows are amazing...

    I agree that your 'mask' looks more burned, as if a masquerade was almost branded onto your face. It's great how you did it...the detail is just perfect. I wish I had the talent (and an excuse!) to do something like this XD

  3. Your blog is such an inspiration!!

  4. OH MY GOD. I can't even articulate how good the anti-mask is, I am definitely trying that out for Halloween - and we dont even really celebrate Halloween in Australia!

  5. Woooow the mask is just amazing!!!!

  6. Wow! That mask is so cool!

    I like the Angel Shadows, really nice! The Body Shop also does a shimmer collection that has the exact same effect. Worth checcking it out!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  7. I know its old but can u do a tutorial on how u did the look? Its amazing!

  8. This was my version of the Masquerade Macabre makeup for last nights HallowQueen Party at Plan B Dance Bar in Madison, WI.



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