Feb 23, 2010

Illusions of Big Ego

Hello everyone!

Today I felt a bit better, so I actually played with my makeup, and created a look using BftE products.

I fell in love with combination of Illusion and Big Ego, so I wanted to do a look with them.
I've also wanted to use some pure white, so here's what I came up with:







And bad full face shot:
( I don't know why I look like that, maybe because I'm still ill :S )

MSCHIC eyeshadow base
BftE Illusion (lid)
BftE Big Ego (lid + crease and above crease)
BftE Love Potion #9 (above crease, blending)
BftE Casablanca Nights (crease)
Grimas white eyeshadow (highlight + inner corner)
MSCHIC Electric Blue Sea eye stain (upper lashline)
MSCHIC Sumi-e eye stain (waterline)

Is there something you guys would like to see? Some brand featured, some color used, something reviewed?


  1. Hello,
    I like your LOTD !! With which MAC eyeshadow can I try to do the same ?
    I love your blog and what you do, keep on doing :-))
    I ask an other question : is it possible to order MSCHIC for Switzerland ? The website is not in english, I don't understand how I can do !
    Thanks for everything :-))

  2. Love this look!! You are such an inspiration. Its hard to pick look or color combination that you have not done yet.

    Keep it up =)

  3. Anon, I think MAC Grape and MAC Teal pigments would work just fine :)
    About MSCHIC, yes they do ship internationally, just contact them via their contact form: http://www.mschic.com/contacts/

  4. Amazing, amazing, amazing
    This is such a gorgeous look :)

  5. That blending is perfection! Beautiful blues and luxurious colour placing. x

  6. thanks for your quick answer :-) I'll check it with MSCHIC... great !
    I'm looking forward for your next video/photo tutorials, it helps me really to try on me :))
    And please, show us how and with what you blend, it's fantastic !
    Keep on doing and make me dream ;-))

  7. beauuuutiful! "maravilhoso" in portugues!

  8. Love this look!
    The colours.. the placement of them... LOVE! ;)
    You are so talented and I get so much inspiration from your blog!

    I don't know if you have a blogpost in this already (I couldn't find any), but I was wondering if you can write a little about how you take good pictures of makeup..?
    I try, but my flash is not the easiest to work with.. =P

    - Klatten

  9. This is amazing as usual.. If you are excepting requests can I put forward an ice princess frosty look? thanks!

  10. You are so amazing. Love the look and glad you are feeling better. Have missed you on your blog.

    Could you give some advice on how you blend and get such definition of the colors? My blending always comes out muddy.

  11. Do you know Sugarpill cosmetics? www.sugarpill.net
    They have some amazing eyeshadows (and more coming). I'm not sure whether order Sugarpill or not, so a review of them or a look made with Sugarpill could be nice. I'd also like to see looks made with Dior e/s, if you own any of their quintets.

    You have an amazing blog and some true talent! You truly inspire me and also make me a little bit envious of your skills ha ha.. :)

    Oh, and how about doing a Barbie-look? Would be quite different from your usual looks! Here's some inspiration!: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0006ZXJIE.jpg

  12. I would like to see a tutorial of this
    a previous make up by you!


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