Feb 22, 2010

Chaotic Neutral

Hello again!

I'm truly sorry I've been quiet again, but this time it's "just" a flu, but it just doesn't change the fact that I feel HORRIBLE.

I've got a bunch of emails about the MSCHIC skin products, and I think I'll dedicate a post to them in near future. I'll also gonna find out what MAC colors MSCHIC's are close, so it'll be easier to you all to choose your color if you're buying online. So stay tuned for that!

I've also got quite a lot questions of my MSCHIC LOTD 2/17 , and about that you can read more from my MSCHIC blog TOMORROW :D

Today I had to get out of the house, so  I did a look with my SMH 28 pan neutral palette:


( I look ill :(  )

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, that I placed an order to SheSpace, where "ALL INDIVIDUAL EYE PIGMENTS ARE JUST $2.50 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST".
I just couln't leave those poor poor eyeshadows without love, and I ordered some purples :3 Girl can never have enough purples, right? :D

 (click to enlarge)

But yeah.

I guess that's all again.

I hope I'll be better soon :D


  1. I'm on a neutral/brown kick right now, so I find this even more gorgeous! It works fab with your eye color!

  2. I grabbed so many she space colours I think they surpass the other compnaies I've bought from :s $2.50! Can't go wrong!

  3. really love your work!
    Can you please do a tutorial how to hide eyebrows? I tried with Grimas Eyebrow Wax but with no luck...

  4. I love how you winged it out and the contouring in the crease looks great. :)

    I never tried the She Space, though that's a bargain!

  5. Love the shape of the contour and the blending is fantastic. Beautiful!

  6. Hello,

    Can you post the color you used to make the MSH looked please

  7. I picked up Root of Evil, it's not so much purple as navy. :(

  8. gorgeous, what all did you use for this look?


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