Feb 8, 2010

Fairytales an gunmetal


I'm sorry I haven't updated in couple of days, I've beem quite busy lately, I have this interesting blogproject coming up which takes a bit of my time. Don't worry, I'm not gonna stop updating this, or move this blog to anywhere, but I'm gonna start another blog in the very near future.

But I'll let you guys know more, when more info is published!

But now to the makeup.

I didn't wear any makeup at sunday, but satarday i was wearing this:




Unfortunately I don't remember what I used, all I remember is the Pure Luxe's Faceted on the lid :(

Then today's makeup.

I wanna share a pic of my makeup base. 
I'm currently using MSCHIC's Face Canvas (I love it btw!), MSCHIC's Mineral Foundation and MSCHIC's KIDE foundation, MAC Blushbaby as a blush, and MSCHIC SkunkMiracle as a highlighter.
So I'm not using powder anymore :D But I love the glow on my face, it's look really healthy I think:


Then my LOTD. 
I wanted to keep ot simple, I didn't apply color above the crease, and I used just two colors on the lid. I used my UD BOS vol II to create this one:


MAC Still Life paint (base)
UD Gunmetal e/s (lid + lower lashline)
UD Perversion (outer corner + crease)
UD Sellout (blending and highlight)
UD 24/7 pencil Zero

That's all this time!


  1. Wow, you look so pretty even without make-up. Tosi kaunis! =D

  2. Hi I wanted to let you know I tagged you!


  3. Oh I love your eye makeup. So unique. Are you a makeup artist?

  4. I love how pretty and simple the last look is ^_^

  5. Oh my god! What are you wearing on your lips in the first look? It's absolutely beautiful!

  6. man I'd love to try that foundation :/


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