Feb 6, 2010

Neutral and Oily.

Hello everyone!

Think kind of a quick post, since it's awfully late and I should sleeping already, but I thought I'd come to share my yesterday's and today's look with you guys.

I'll start with my yesterday's look, I wanted something dark and intense, and I also _wanted_ it to look a bit oily.

So I used MSCHIC's loose eyeshadows Mint Frost Chocolate, Metallic Orchid, Electric Eggplant and Prince eyeshadow, and came up with this:



And today I tried my new MSCHIC mineral foundation, and it gives really beautiful glow to your whole face, so I wanted to take advantage of the healthy look, and made really natural look for today:




Hopefully I'll have more time to post tomorrow's post, so there maybe more stuff than today :D


  1. The oily look is really interesting :D

    I love the contouring in the second look, it really defines the eye area

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