Feb 10, 2010

Frankenstein monster ballet

Hello everyone!

Today I have million and one photos of my today's look (okay, maybe not THAT many :D), but before I move on to those, I wanna introduce soon-to-be-mine frankenstein shoes from TopShop:

Aren't they AMAZING? I just fell instantly in love. They were only £30 (under $50), and my sweet husband wanted to buy those for me <3 Now I'm just waiting for those to arrive, they are on their way already! \o/

But yeah, the makeup.

I felt that t was purple day again, and I did (yet another) GaGa inspired look. :3
This time it was looik that Gaga wore in a interview with Oprah.
This time her look was maybe a "bit" more toned down than my version of it, but the idea came from Gaga :D

Here we go:







 And little later I decided it needed a little more blending, so I made a bit "smokier" :



I used a bunch of stuff, including UD Bos II, MSCHIC Prince e/s, Ben Nye Cosmic Violet & Amethyst Purple, Gosh white from smokey palette etc, I can't even list all the products :D
But basicly you could recreate this look with ie. UD BOS vol II, using Perversion, Ecstasy, AC/DC, and Sphynx. You would just need white highlight color.

But that's it for today.


  1. uma maquiagem ficou linda eo sapato também é lindo, quero um RSR

  2. Lovely look, both versions look stunning :)

  3. I love your blog because of your technical skills!
    Your different shapes, blendings and combinations are so wonderful to see!
    Some make up artists are stuck in a special shape...

  4. Hello! My name is Sylvia, I am Saliva from MUG... I have been reading your blog for so long but never really comment! I have a request - can you do a look that you would wear for valentine's day? Doesn't have to be with pink or purple colors... I'd just like to see something that you would wear out on a V-day date :) so I can do it too! haha

  5. I adore the smokier version, and the pictures with the tulle are fabulous! I love your talent ^^

  6. Your make-up talent is jaw dropping! You've really really inspired me!


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