Feb 19, 2010

...is it over yet?


I haven't forgot you, I've been in a hell of a stomach flu last ~48 hours, and I wasnt able to even come to my computer.

I did some looks the day before yesterday, but I haven't even taken a look at my makeup yesterday or today.

So I'll guess you'll get a LOTD tomorrow at the earlierst.

I'm gonna give you a couple of pics of my 2/17 looks:


BftE looks:



My LOTN 2/17 :

That has to be it for today, I'm way too tired to write anything else. :(
I'll try answer, if you have somekind of questions.


  1. I would love to see a tutorial for the first look. Hope you recover soon :)
    Hugs from Brazil.

  2. Gorgeous looks! I'd love more info on the BftE one.

  3. i hope you feel better soon...plenty of fluids is the answer...:)

    you are soo talented...every single of your look is a piece of ARTWORK...gorgeous...gorgeous!!!!
    i would celebrate if i were even 5% as good as you...:)

  4. so gorgeous! :)


  5. Lovely LOTD's, as usual. :) I have a question that's not really related to this entry, I hope you don't mind. How many grams does the MSCHIC mineral foundation contain? I've been thinking about trying it but I'm not sure how big the container is. Thanks!


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