Jan 11, 2010

Less is (a)more.

I wanna start with Sinfest comic, since it sums my day up perfectly:

Though it's missing the makeupUUUUUGGGHHHH, and can't-you-kids-just-behave-nicelyUUUUUUGGGGH, and I'm-really-too-UUUUUUUUGGGGGHHH-to-even-consider-updating-my-blog and all.

But here I am. Bravely I try to update my blog, and carry on my other normal daily routines.

First I tried to do a black/red LOTD, but it turned too dark and weird, so I added to sets of falsies, and some red liner and voil√°:



I lovelast pic, somehow it reminds me of demons and stuff :D Like the lashes were devils horns or something :D

And then my LOTD, which I think was really pretty. Sometimes less is more I guess.

I used only Kat von D Beethoven's Tequila and Leather:




 (I know I know, I should smile more :P )

And here's my yesterday's disaster look. No matter how I tried, my makeup still sucked. This really was the best I could do:

But anyway.

I also got my MSCHIC order today, I'll get back to them at some point. But I can already say, that I think love the MSCHIC Face Canvas primer <3


  1. I love the red/black makeup, and that last picture is GORGEOUS. I love you eotd's!!

    Greetings from Sweden//Jeanette - makeupartist

  2. Please do a quick tutorial of your LOTD! I love it!!

  3. I really like the first two looks.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the makeup on the first pic. I've been DYING to find an eyeliner like that red one you used in that photo. Which did you use??


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