Jan 9, 2010


Hello sweeties!

I made a tiny order to Pure Luxe again yesterday (Yes, yes, I know they sell repackaged stuff, but I still prefer their jars etc).
I ordered 4 shadow samples:
and two super liners:
Avenging Angel

We'll see how they are when they arrive.

But anyway. Today I wanted something shinyshinyglitteryglittery, so I took my MAC Reflects Transparent Teal, and made a glittery look with that.

AND, I also made a step-by-step tutorial for you!


MAC Painterly paint pot
NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
Urban Decay Flipside
Urban Decay Misdemeanor
Urban Decay Twice Baked
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal
Ben Nye Ice pigment
MAC Blitz & Glitz fluidline
Revlon Fantasy Lenghts false lashes "Defining"


As always, prime your eye with MAC Painterly paint pot:

Add NYX Jumbo pencil Black bean to whole lid:

Add Urban Decay Flipside on top of the Black Bean:

Blend the flipside with Urban Decay Misdemeanor:

Line your lower lashline with Urban Decay Flipside:

Add MAC Reflects Transparent Teal on top of Urban Decay Flipside and Misdemeanor:

Use Ben Nye Ice pigment to highlight:

Line your upper lashline and waterline with MAC Blitz&Glitz:

I decided to add some brown (Urban Decay Twice Baced) to crease and above to make the look a bit softer:

Finally mascara and falsies if you want, and you're done!

(I also added a hint of Ben Nye's Ice pigment into my lower inner corner)





  1. I love how you always come up with such great combinations of blues and browns! Gorgeous!

  2. Foi maravilhoso olhar, você está de parabéns! Eu amo a sua maquiagem!

  3. Flipside seems like a great colour, need to hunt it down at some point.

  4. Hi, this is Marimar, the one who threw you a challenge on showing your makeup after a few hours of wearing it. I just saw your pic (almost missed it because of the Xmas holidays) and wanted to thank you for doing it (I think you are the only one who bothered to take me into account). I must say your work is still almost perfect after hours of wearing it, what amazes me, since it's really difficult for me not to get a lot of "stuff" under the lower lashes (mainly khol)... what's your secret?

    thanks again!

  5. you look absolutely stunning in the last picture!!!

  6. Do you mind if I ask, what did you mean by "Yes, yes, I know they sell repackaged stuff, but I still prefer their jars etc." This is the first I've heard of this brand, and I'm curious what you meant by that. Do they take other brands' (what are the brands?) products and repackage them, then sell them? If you could elaborate I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

  7. Nevermind, I found the answer by Googling it. I will never purchase from Pure Luxe after seeing the comment she (owner of Pure Luxe) left on the November 15/09 post on the Mineral Makeup Mutiny blog.

  8. Your blog is just amazing ! It was recommanded me by my makeup teacher and she is addicted to your tutorials !
    I love everything you do, I would like to make the same ! Sorry for my english, I'm french :-s



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