Jan 13, 2010

Carry on my wayward son


My sweet son had birhday yesterday, he's know 1 year! Where does the time go?

A pic taken year ago, when he was one day old:


And pic taken today:

Oh well, but back to makeup.

I had  a request to make a bold makeup that would go together with certain dress and jewelry, and this is one of the looks I made. I tried to make it kinda arabian styled:

And couple more artistic photos:

I used Nyx Black Bean, UD Flipside, UD Half Baked, Stargazer Glitter, and Gosh golden eyeliner.
EDIT: I forgot Kat von D's Speed Blue from Beethoven palette.

And then my real LOTD, I wanted red and black, so I used Pure Luxe OMG / BftE Addicted and UD Oil slick, and a hit of Ben Nye Tangerine:

And some full face photos:

Then something else!

I have this neverending project to organize my makeup stash.
I have bought all kind of small containers and stuff to make it even look like it would be in order :D

So I took a picture of my current "stash table"

Here's the Pure Luxe pigment / lipstick/ liner holder, lid open:

And here's my train case, it really hasn't changed much since the last photo:

And then one more photo, I photographed my beautiful MSCHIC Kide mineral foundation:
I just love the wooden box and all <3


  1. WOW! Your make up style is AMAZING! You are so talented!
    Also, Happy Birthday to your little one. The first year does go by too quickly! I always savor the first year but like you, my baby is already one.


  2. OMG #1: your baby boy is such a cutie, and he looks like you! he's precious!

    OM#2: the bold makeup is to die for! I need to try the same color combination!

  3. Congratulations and happy birthday to the little guy, he's adorable! Looks like you're as good at making babies as you are at making gorgeous makeup looks! \(^.~)/

  4. Wow I love the contrast of the dark blue and the gold in the first look! Really inspiring!

    And you're right, the mineral makeup just looks awesome :)

  5. Gorgeous! You're so inspirational. Love your photographs!

  6. May I know what is the product you have used on your waterline (1st photo)? It looks so black and perfect!

  7. Thank you everyone, you're such sweeties!

    And for Anom, I use either MAC Blacktrack or Blitz & Glitz in my waterline, that is Blitz& Glitz if I don't remember wrong.

  8. oh, how sweet your little boy is!
    my daughter was born on 13.01.2006,
    they grow up too fast!
    and your make up is beautiful!


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