Jan 8, 2010

Razor gray romance


Today I did a look using only Kat von D's Beethoven palette.
I used Razor Gray, Lucifer, Speed Blue and Tequila:




And full face:

Yesterday I did two quick makeup looks for my friend.

She's been planning somekind of Cats -inspired show, and she wanted me to do a cat inspired makeup, something dramatic and mysterious.

Here's what I did:

Okay, maybe it's not as "cat-ish" as it could be, but anyway.

I also made her a blue smokey makeup, this is how it turned out:


That's all this time.

Ps. I really really really want the Kat von D's Metallic Orchestra palette :<


  1. I really like the top two looks!

  2. Love the look with Kat Von D's palette =)

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  4. love ur look of the day really nice

  5. He hee :) kävin heti kattelemassa tota palettia, jonka ylhäällä mainitsit. Miksi noita ei voi saada suomesta?? ihan Buuu.. olisin muuten tilannut sen sulle heti!

  6. I really love the Razor Gray! I've been
    trying to get mine like that,
    because Tarja Turunen does that style
    a lot and I love it!

    Thank you for posting that one!


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