Dec 26, 2009

Lushed away

Hello my sweet readers! First of all, I hope you all had a really good Christmas, and that you all got nice presents and had relaxing time!

Today I'm not gonna babble about makeup, instead I'm going to tell you something about Lush products.

Before I used only "market soaps", and I didn't really pay much attention to what I used to wash myself with, as long as made me clean. Then I went to Lush, and I was quite sold ;D

My first soap was " I Should Coco", which exfoliates your skin gently while washing. It has real dried coconut in it, so it doesn't feel that you're washing yourself with sand :D
And I love coconut, so it's really win-win for me *g*

Here's the products I've tried from Lush:


We don't have a bathtub, so I can't try any bathbombs, which really is a shame. Luckily Lush remembers us "bathless" too, and they have created Emotibombs for us.
I have to admit that they are quite pointless in a way, since all they do is just "smell" for the time you are in  the shower, and that's it, but I think they are really refreshive. Don't know if it's placebo or the real thing, but I really feel more refreshed when I put one of these on the shower's floor. :D
They all smell different, but I can't really tell which one is the best.
Only bad thing is that they are a bit pricey, at least in Finland. :/


This is the only Lush product that I really haven't liked. I bought it because it was one of their bestsellers and I thought it would be awesome. Well, to me it wasn't. It smells really artificial and too "soapish" for my taste. Description says it's supposed to smell like bubblegum, but I think it just smells like chemically sweetened soap.

I also love vanilla, so I had to try this. It smells strongly like vanilla, but for some reason I really don't like to wash myself with this. Maybe the smell is a bit TOO sweet for the whole body. So I use it as a hand soap :3

I just love this <3 Only bad thing is that this doesn't foam much at all,.but you can really scrub yourself squeaky-clean with this <3

Ooooh, this smells delicious! I just wanted to eat this when I first smelled it :D It's just like the description says, smells like fruity pink candies.


I wanted to try Lush's hair products too, and this was the obvious choice for me, because it smells like coconut ;D And I really like it! Of course, since it's solid soap, it makes your hair a bit dry-feeling, but your hair feels really clean. And it smells like coconut. <3

Men's soaps:


Of course girls can use these too, but I have left these to my husband, since they smell a bit masculine to my nose. I don't mean that as a bad thing, though! :D
Ice Blue is very, very, very refreshing. Peppermint gives really an icy touch to it.
Demon in the Dark is also very masculine, sorta "dark and mysterious" smelling soap and really good too.

Shower Jellies:

The Big Calm Shower Jelly:

This was the best thing EVER. It smells like pineapple and coconut (<3<3<3), and we all know what that means: PINA COLADA! This was way too awesome, but Lush has stopped selling it. And that's a real shame ;_;
I was thinking of putting my own small piece to the freezer, deep freeze it, and bring it to life later, like Walt Disney. ;D

Face cleansers:

This is actually one of the really great things in life. It works the same way as the massage bars, it's solid, but it melts when it touches skin. So you just rub this on your face, wash your face, and then rub your face with a cotton pad. And then you have a soft, clean skin that even smells good, too. :D

Coconut Deodorant Powder:

This was also a small disappointment. Sure it smells good (doesn't coconut always smell good *g*) , but for me it didn't really work as I hoped. It works for me as a fragrance, but not as a deodorant.


Coco Lotion hand and body lotion :


Vanilla Dee-Lite Hand and Body Lotion:

I'm really not the lotion person. I rarely ever use any lotions, and these made no exception. Sure they work just fine, moisturize and stuff, and they did smell good of course, but I still haven't used them. :/
I'm happy they were only samples :D

Body Butters:

This was also a sample that my husband brought home for me, and first thing I noticed was of course the smell. It smells strongly of blackcurrant, really "edible" smell. It also works kinda like the massage bars, it melts when it meets skin. It has charcoal that scubs your skin.
This is nice, but I personally find this a bit challenging to use, since it melts so fast in your hands.

Massage bars:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I think these things are Lush's greatest thing. Sure they make awesome soaps, but these are the true killers.
I just love Wiggy Magic Muscles, since it has these beans that really enhance the whole massage experence. Plus that these smell really awesome.

Whoah, that's it :D

I'll be back probably tomorrow, with some makeup looks from the past week.

PS. I'm hooked to FarmVille :3


  1. Ooooh - I love LUSH!!! Smells so good and makes your skin so nice!!! I just recently discovered the BIG shampoo - love it!!!

  2. i had to stop reading this post haah, it made me just want to try out EVERYTHING listed here lol. you got some really great soaps. i am new to lush so only own 3 products atm but i really would like to try some of their soaps


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