Dec 27, 2009

In (winter)Wonderland

I promised yesterday, that I would come today show my looks from the past week.

So here we go:

My LOTD from 12/23 :


I used UD BoS vol. II's Perversion, Half Baked, Twice Baked and SMH Bee's Knees.

AND, marimar threw me a challenge in my comment box, to take a photo of my makeup after wearing it all day.
I was outside with this makeup, in a f**king snowstorm, and I was completely wet when I got home after several hours. And here's how my makeup looked:

And here's a close-up how it looked when I made it:

So, I've lost most of my waterline liner, but that's about it. My lashes might be a bit messier too :D Everything else is because of my camera's flash.

Then my Christmas Eve makeup, 12/24. We went to my husband's parents, so I wanted something really neutral. I looks a bit messy for some reason, it was really neutral IRL:

This was made with 28 neutral palette.

Later on Christmas Eve my daughter (5-years-old) wanted to do a "butterfly makeup" for me. I let her borrow my SMH -palettes, and this is what she created:
I was mostly stunned by the eyeliner O_O
She did everything else except the brow, I let her even put my mascara :D
But I think she definitely has skills, especially considering that this was the first time she ever did makeup for anyone :D

But anyway, let's move on to 12/25, I had a red-lips-day!

I think I used my Kat von D -palette, Lucifer and Leather.

Yesterday I tried something more colored, with my new SMH palette:
Ultraviolet, Euphoria and Kat von D Speed Blue and Euphoria also used as an eyeliner.

Today I did a really glittery and sparkly look with UD BoS vol II:

(Sorry for the stupid expression :D:D)

Half Baked, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Sellout, Twice Baked. And MAC Sandy B on lips.

And some exciting news from Urban Decay, they are going to release Alice In Wonderland -themed eyeshadow box:

You can see more photos from here:

I think the box looks awesome, but I guess I'll pass it. I already have one BoS, I think I won't be needing more than that.

I also made my order to MSCHIC webstore, and here's what I ordered:

Lipchic, Keira
Glitz Fix
Eyes Cream, Soft Ice Vanilla
Eyes Cream, Bright Blueberry Frost
Mineral Foundation Radiant
Face Canvas 

So I'll keep on waiting for them to arrive, and be back with you guys next week!


  1. Your LOTD from 12/23 looks completely amazing on you! Beautiful!

  2. So so so beautiful! As usual... Now I want to try it all!

  3. OK, so omg can I totally hype on that urban decay palette? :P Had order that from my friend if he gets it from their store, it's apparently limited edition and the first palette that reaally hit my eye :P

    Apart from that, love that butterfly! :D Very well done lines, she has her mothers talent :P

  4. your daughter is better with eye liner than I am even though I've had a few years more of practice :D amazing!


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