Dec 23, 2009

Wish you a merry Makeup!


It's soon Christmas!I really don't know if I shoud go WOHOO! or "wohoo."

Well, at least the kids have fun *g*

I already got my prezzies, so next thing I'm waiting is the MSCHIC gift card :3
I've doing some listing of the MSCHIC products I'd like to try and ATM the number one in my list is the Face Canvas -primer.It promises to do about the same as the Smashbox Photofinish which I liked.
I'll probably try the pressed foundations too.And all the other nice stuff they have *g*

Anyway, I did black/gold look the other day, using the oh-so-famous Manly 120 color palette. It still holds the best gold colored eyeshadow I've tried. I also used my new china-rhinestone-lashes, and Gosh golden liquid liner. Here's the result:


And I had to turn one pic black&white, I just thought it looked more artistic that way ;D :

Then I had an idea to do something snow/snowqueen inpired.
This whole idea came from the headband I made with small white sparkly flowers and white feathers, and I tried to create a look around it.
Well I didn't succeed quite as well as I hoped, but I thought I'd share this pic with you still:
Sure it's frosty, but... I think the makeup sucks :D
I'm afraid that I've lost my talent somewhere, anyone seen it?

Anyway, my EOTD's have been quite neutral, I still can't do any really brights. It's neutral or dark apparently :S I still hope it's because of the winter.

Anyway, here's my yesterday's eye:

And my today's makeup, which actually was really pretty, shame that it doesn't really show in the picture:


And because I can't promise that I'll have time for a one more post before Christmas Eve, I'll wish a very merry Chrismast to all of you readers around the world!


  1. Cosmetics are clearly unnecessary and are produced by a massive and wasteful industry. We can choose to change our cultural values. After all, Natural is Green.

  2. Bah Canada Guy, clearly the wrong place to bring that spiel! Beautiful Christmas look by the way, the intricate tree is so gorgeous!

  3. I agree Jeri...BAH CANADA GUY!!! I mean, are obviously a DUDE so YES, cosmetics ARE a waste for the general population of guys! Only COOL guys wear makeup and gorgeous women! Wrong place for that need to be here for something you think is wasteful!

    These were GORGEOUS LOOKS!!! I especially LOVED the tree and the gold look! I LOVE that gold as well! UD makes a killer gold color as well...I can't remember the frig name...sorry!!! Happy holidays honey!

  4. I love your Christmas tree eye!

  5. Hi, thanks for your looks, they look amazing!

    I want to challenge you to do something that many "makeup gurus" might deem a bit hazardous or at least not appealing at all : Why not posting pics of your wonderful makeup creations after a few hours of wearing them?

    The point is... all girls who love makeup know we can look great for a few hours but at the end of a long day, the way our eyes look is far from what it originally was. And I'd love to know how this problem affects others, see how the products others use work after a few hours... get my point?

    I'd love you to take the challenge, which I'm also suggesting to other makeup artists on the net.


  6. I love the Xmas tree eye as well! So detailed!!

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