Nov 25, 2009

Too Faced Daisy


Sorry about yesterday, I just didn't have anything to write about :/

My yesterday's look was superneutral, as you can see:

Unfortunately I have NO idea what I used. I guess the lighter shade is MAC Orb, and the darker COULD be MAC Off the Page. not sure though.

The I also did an entry for MakeupGeek's Weekly Challenge, Colorful Daisy. I really wasn't inspired by the picture, and it really shows:

I have to admit, that I like it at all. Well, I liked the "waterdrops" and the eyebrow, but that's all.
So I re-created it today, and I personally think this is much better:

Much better I think.Made with Ben Nye pigments, MAC Young Punk and MAC Heritage Rouge.

But then to my LOTD:
Sorta blast from the past, this reminds me of the looks I made at summer.

But then good news, I got my Too Faced Liquif-eye palette!


And swatches of the colors, and some of them with the liner thingy:

And I had to try the lining thing, first there is Too Faced's own black, then Grimas matte white, then MAC Off the Page, then MAC Cranberry, then Grimas matte white again, and finally Grimas matte black:

Summa summarum, the liner works.

Then good news for all of you, I finally made a new YouTube tutorial!
I've been asked to do a tutorial of the look I put to MakeupGeek's Idea Gallery:

And here's the tutorial:


  1. I like your diversity! You show a lot of ideas beyond the shade/contour/colour that a lot of online bloggers use. I like how you experiment with line and shape- questions- WHERE did you get those divine 'waterdrops'?

    Thanks again for your great blog,

  2. Thank you! <3

    The "waterdrops" are from Pencula webshop, here: I don't know where to get them in US though :(

  3. Your working is very inspiring and I really love your creativity! Keep up the gorgeous work!

    Love from the Cayman Islands


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