Nov 24, 2009

Gosh von Teese

I made it! I did a blogpost today! Wohoo!

I'll start with my EOTD once again:


 All made with Gosh:

Gosh Love That Ivory eyeshadow stick as a base
Gosh Smokey eyes palette
Gosh Black Ink eye pencil
Gosh mascara

Then I wanted to do a look with my new headpiece that my friend brought as a souviner from Barcelona. Since I think the headpiece is SO Dita von Teese, I made a Dita -look:



Sweet and innocent, yes yes ;D


And a little bonus, look for the photographer :D
I'm really not pleased with the lipcolor. It's way too bright for me, I need something more brownish. Usually I use brownish lipliner, but I thought I do a "real red" today, and that was a small mistake.
But oh well, the hairpiece isn't going anywhere :D:D
And no, I don't know why I look so bloated in the pics :S I guess I've gained some more weight (again) :S

That's all tonight!

EDIT: Oh, and I used MAC Polished Ivory pigment and MAC Unsquare for the Dita look :)


  1. Okay, gotta say this, in the last picture you remind me very much of Garbage singer Shirley Manson for some reason! :D But awesome make-up and love the hat :)

  2. you look amazing girl....
    i love the red lipstick......

  3. I agree with Jenny's comment. I think you look like Shirley Manson in the last pic :p

    I think you look lovely in all of the photos, though, and not bloated at all :p

  4. I agree about Shirley :)
    Amazing work and I really love the red lipstick on you!

  5. wouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, the last pic lol I love it!!!!!
    You're great damnnnnnnnnnn!

  6. I loveeeeeeeeee your photos this time! My favorite is the one in black and white, has something special I dunno what but I love it. About the makeup....what can I say that it wasn't already said :P

  7. You look great. I love that head piece on you!

  8. I think it's gorgeous :)
    The vibrant red is pretty!

  9. You remind me of Renee Zelweger in the third photo.


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