Nov 28, 2009

Rihanna, -anna, -anna, -anna, -anna...

Sorry, been busy again :(

Anyway, here's my yesterday's makeup, MAC Rated "R" + MAC Emerald Green pigment:

And here's my today's LOTD, mix of PureLuxe, MAC and Ben Nye:


I so really, really want a new flash, so I could take decent photos again. I think everything I do looks horrible when I take a picture of it nowdays. )

But anyway. I got inspired by Rihanna's American Award makeup, and I wanted to recreate it. I didn't came out as fierce as Rihanna has, but it'll do :D

Here it is:

And the tutorial:

I also made an order to Beauty From the Earth, I'll be getting some funky new colors <3
And.. I'm getting my first NARS eyeshadow... And my Smashbox eyeliner box... aaaaaaand...
ummm.. Oh, I got myself supercute new container:

It's barbie pink, because it's originally ment to be a storage for barbie dolls and their stuff.
I decided to put some my makeup's in there and it works just perfectly <3

But I have some pretty exciting stuff coming up next week, so stay tuned! :D


  1. love love love the green look! gorgeous!

  2. Same here! Absolutely LOVE the green look, you're so beautiful :) And those lashes? I need them! :D

  3. Where did you buy the pink container from? That is so cute! :)

  4. ya i wanna know were you got that container from to. it is cute


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