Nov 29, 2009

Your ocean pulls me under

First I wanna tell that I LOOOOOOVE my Essie Matte About You -polish:

It's absolutely AWESOME. I've been bored with all my polishes lately, but now I have discovered them all again, 'cos I can make all them matte!

Here's my Nails of the Day, using Nfu-oh 130, Nfu-oh 047 and Essie Matte About You:

I can definately recommend this for anyone who loves nail polishes :D

Then to my yesterday's LOTD.

I have this celebrity inspired makeup season apparently, so I tried to recreate Kristen Stewart's Allure Photoshootmakeup, this one:


I wanted to use cheap makeup, so I desided to use just my NYX Pearl Mania's. Result wasn't as good as I hoped for, but.. Well, here it is:

I know that the lipstick is too nude, and that NYX Nude wasn't the best choice for highlight, but anyway :D
AND I guess this would be best with MAC Unsquare eyeshadow.


NYX Jumbo pencil Milk
NYX Pearl Mania Silver
NYX Pearl Mania Nude
NYX Pearl Mania Penny
NYX Pearl Mania Walnut
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
MF FLE mascara

I also did a tutorial of this look, but I'm not sure I want to put it online. I hate the bad quality of my video's, and also the really disturbing background. But I can't buy new camera, and I can't really move my webcam or my computer :(

But anyway, I tried to do a hothothot makeup today, but it turned out little TOO hot:

I used NYX Jumbo pencil Cherry, PureLuxe Charisma, Ben Nye Aztec Gold and Ben Nye Sun Yellow.

So I wiped it off and made a sea inspired LOTD:



I used Ben Nye pigments and UD Oil Slick.

Tomorrow I'm going to Mschic SkunkGirl -collection's launch party, and I'm really nervous :D
I'll do some kind of post of that as soon as I've recovered :D


  1. I love those brandnew looks, you are gorgeous ;)

  2. wow the essie matte about you really makes the nail polish look awesome

  3. I love your blending and use of colors. The ocea inspired look is beautiful!

  4. The sea inspired one is awesome.
    And btw where did u get that nail polish from ?

  5. Please put the tutorial that you made with NXY eyeshawdos. We don't mind he quality or your background.



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