Nov 22, 2009

Cosmic girl from the shadows of the Moon

Sorry, I was way too tired to post anything when I got home yesterday.

I had my last gig with Kuun Maailma (Il Mondo della Luna) -opera production, and after that I had to run to friend's place, to do his Lasombra -mask.

But I'll start with my yesterday's LOTD:


I used Ben Nye Indian Copper, MAC Rose Gold (if I remember correctly) and 24k -eyeliner.

Then I was asked to put pics of the opera production makeup's I did.
Makeup design is made by Laura Pylvänäinen, I just did what was asked :D

Here are (bit bad) pics of lovely Flaminia and spanish maid Lisetta:

And like said, I then ran to my friends place, where I transformed him into Lasombra, shadow-controlling vampire, who has got a bullet in his head:


And finally my LOTD, I wanted to try my Ben Nye pigments, so here we go:

MAC Blackground p/p
Ben Nye Cosmic Violet (lid)
Ben Nye Amethyst  (crease)
Ben Nye Cherry Red (above crease)
Ben Nye Cosmic Blue ( middle of the lid)
Ben Nye Ice (highlight)
Deep Plum eyeliner
MF FLE mascara

And finally my NOTD:
I guess that's it!


  1. omg those eye makeups are stunning!! i'm yet to achieve that perfection with mixing of the colours... when i finally get all those colours haha...

    nice nails!! remind me of party and holidays =)

  2. are one amazing artist....

  3. these are soo amazing and inspiring.. travel half-way around the world to do my makeup? :)

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  5. Absolutely the most AMAZING LOTD yet ^^


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