Oct 22, 2009


My Mschic order arrived today:

I got

Loose glitter 888
Divina e/s
Pretty In Pink e/s
Light Lilac e/s
and Lipchic lipstick in Elisabeth as a free gift.

Mschic 888 glitter:

Big-grained loose glitter. I don't have much else to say.

Mschic Divina e/s:
I love this <3 This really sweet plum/purple/reddish color with metal shimmer. 

 Mschic Light Lilac e/s:
Really sweet matte lilac, really bright color, but it still manages to be "calm color".

 Mschic Pretty In Pink e/s:
This actually a exact dupe of Gosh Rosegold effect powder. Pretty, but disappointment, since I already had this.

Lipstick is really nice color.

And my LOTD is (again) teal and brown, with MAC Reflects Transparent Teal:


That's all folks!


  1. the team looks amazing - loving the look of Mschic Divina e/s also!

  2. Gorgeous products! OMG that purple! And the pink! Drooooool!!! The look is flawless, I love it! I've added you to my blogroll, is that OK with you? =)

  3. i got divina & pretty in pink myself and love them too!!! so glad you use mschic, otherwise i wouldve never come across them :D

  4. Nicole, thanks! <3

    Musing on Beauty, Umm.. There's MAC Greenstroke p/p as a base, MAC Teal pigment on lid, MAC Unsquare e/s on crease and above with SMH Frenzy, Mschic Mineral Black on crease and.. MAC Reflects Transparent Teal all over. :D

    Crystal.S, <3

    Marce, I love Mscic products <3 And that's more than OK, thank you so much!

    ze German: Maria, You're very welcome! Actually you are the one who inspired me to order the pink and Divina eyeshadows, I loved your swatches!

  5. The colors that you bought look gorgeous and the look is great.


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