Oct 21, 2009

If you're pretty enough, nobody cares that you're plastic.

Sorry, I'm late again.

I was at the flea market, and I found something amazingly sweet:

I know I'm 24 years old, and I maybe shouldn't buy Barbies for myself, but it was way too cheap (~$8), and way too pretty to be left there. AND it's in great condiotion! It's on top of my shelf now <3

But, since this IS a makeup blog, let's get back to makeup.

I reachived my MAC Reflects Transparent Teal today!

It's sweet. :D

I actually used today with MAC Blue Flame, which maybe wasn't the best choise since I put like blue glitter on blue glitter :3

Anyway, here it is:

MAC Painterly p/p
NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean
MAC Blue Flame e/s
MAC Deep Blue Green pigm.
Pure Luxe Pandora e/s
MAC Polished Ivory pigm.
MAC Seedy Pearl e/s
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
MF FLE mascara

And then I did some other stuff yesterday, I made some experiments with NYX Jumbo pencil Black Bean.

This next look is done JUST using NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean and mascara. No vaselin, no nothing:

Then I sprinkled some green BYS pigment over the black, and made this:

Yay. Quite messy, I must say :D

Then I made somekind of mermaid makeup with SMH palette and NYX Glitterati glitters:

Heavy glitter, sweet *g*


  1. All these colors are amazing... Bravo !

  2. Love the mermaid one with all the glitter....amazing!

  3. Wow, they're all amazing! I have to say the 2nd one is pretty interesting, it looks as though someone spilt tar on your eye (heaven forbid!). Great blog, I'm following =)

  4. Kiva löytö! Kannattaa vaan varoa ettei jää koukkuun noihin muovileideihin ja kohta hyllyissä keikistelee useampi sata kappaletta :D Ihan erilaiselta näyttävät nuo glitterit iholla kuin mitä luulin, näyttävät levittyvän tosi kauniisti!

  5. I LOVE BARBIES! LOL! The one you got is amazing! I always liked looking at their hair and makeup and trying to recreate it! I think they are just gorgeous with their crazy do's and out there makeup! LOL! I am SO glad I have an excuse to actually buy and PLAY Barbies again...that excuse is 6 and is the light of my life! LOL! :) Love your looks as usual too! :)

  6. SingaporeSling, thanks! <3

    Angie, thank you sweetie!

    Astessame, <3<3

    Marce, thank you! It was actually interesting to do also :D:D

    Sanna, joo hämmästyin kovasti sen hintaa, kuvittelin vaatteiden olevan vähintään itsetehdyt sillä hinnalla :D
    Ja onneksi mulla ei ole oikein vapaata hyllytilaa, muuten varmaan hurahtaisinkin urakalla :D
    Ja nuo glitterit on kivoja, tosin vähän hankalia käyttää, kun tarttuvat mieluummin sormeen/siveltimeen/mihintahansamuualle kuin luomeen ;D

    Vanity's Edge, Barbies are <3

  7. awesome looks! wow! so is the NYX jumbo pencil in Black Bean really shiny? how did you manage that? it looks so amazing!

  8. Lol, I love Barbies too. I'm 25. And I have like over a hundred of them ( keep them safe at my parent's house away from the hubby). Before I got married my husband forced me to have a flea market I had like 300+ at that time. :( ( which I should have gotten rid of seriously they were taking over my room) There is nothing wrong with collecting them if that's what you like some people collect make up or coins or cat figurines. Your makeup skills are awesome by the way.


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