Oct 9, 2009

My style BLACK.

My Lumene prize arrived today!

I won:

Skin Purifier Face Wash
Skin Purifier Face Toner
Skin Purifier 24h Moisturizer
Skin PurifierFace Sctub'

Skin Perfector Mineral Bronze & Blush

Eye Dramatizer Trio Eyeshadow 2 Beauty
Eye Dramatizer Trio Eyeshadow 8 Babe
Eye Dramatizer  Lash-Extending mascara
Eye Dramatizer Eye Intensifier 1 Intence black
Eye Dramatizer Liquid Eyeliner 1 Deep Black

Smile Booster Lipgloss 7 Icy Melon
Smile Booster Lipgloss 5 Fresh Pink

Nail Styler Mini Nail Polish 22 Classy

I have to admit, that I'm a bit dissapointed that there wasn't more Skin Perfector stuff. but hey, even I can't have everything *g*

Then I yesterday got my MAC Blue Flame:

It's pretty! Maybe a bit hard to work with, but really pretty!

And then my husband also bought me MAC Artifact paint pot:

I've been wanting a red base for quite a while now, and now I have it ^^
It actually reminds me a lot of MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, though Artifact is a bit darker.

And my LOTD, using Blue Flame. It really changes color/amount of glitterness in different lighting, as you can see:

MAC Blackground p/p
MAC Painterly p/p
MAC mineralize e/s Blue Flame(lid + lower lashline)
MAC Naval Blue (crease)
Mschic eye sparks Blue Lagoon (blending)
SMH 1492  (hint in inner corner)
SMH Bee's Knees e/s (highlight)
MAC Smoothblue technakohl (lower lashline)
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
MF FLE mascara

Whole face (I won't be using blue lips out in public *g*):

And couple more "artistic" photos:

Mschic Mineral Black
MAC Blue Flame mineralize e/s

Then I also made a videotutorial of my Halloween makeup, but I haven't even watched it through yet, so I don't know is it publishable yet *g*

Aaaand... I was gonna say something, but I forgot it O_O

Oh, I'm obsessed to song + video combo:


  1. the blue lips look soo good - compliments ur eyeshadow (ofcourse!), i hope you change your mind about not wearing it in public

  2. Love the lips... I am so wearing it at counter this weekend! Also try apply blue flame using a wet brush. I spray a little fix plus on my 252 brush and then load the brush with shadow. It will intenifiy the color payoff and help with the control. Another tick I use blanktrack fluidline as a base instead of blackground.


  3. That blue is so pretty on you. I love this look.

  4. OMG that blue is to die for on you, I am so jealous! And I love the blue lips, really! This collection totally wakes up my inner goth, I just love it.

  5. Johanna, thanks <3

    Angie, I have trouble even wearing "normal coloured" lipstick out in public :D but maybe some day.. :D

    CanDé Faces, I actually tested using Blue Flame with MuS Mixing liquid, and it works :D I think Blue Flame is such a pretty shadow, that I can see a little trouble to make it work *g*

    Vixxan, thank you! I'm still not absolutely confortable with blue, but I'm really trying :D

    Musing on Beauty, your the one who can really pull off blue looks, I think you shoud definately true a bold Blue Flame look!

    Crystal.S, thank you! <3

  6. I love the blue lips, and that mask is incredible. Really enjoying all your looks


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