Oct 9, 2009

Dancing queen....

... Not so young, and maybe not so sweet either. *g*

Here's a riddle for you.

Guess who's eye?


Quite nice, maybe a bit too bold, maybe a bit drag queen-ish?

There is reason to it:

That, my dear readers, is my ex-husband, who let me do his makeup! *g*

Cute, eh? ^^


  1. your exhusband is sooo cool to let you do that, esp since he's your ex! so rare that two exes get along :) congrats!
    looks fantastic!
    where did you get the false lashes from?

  2. haha wow that's funny... i was going to say the look is really cool! you do such creative cool makeup! :)

  3. hahaha Thats Awesome!! Is this andy :O!! He seems like a great friend, I love EX's that still share "friend Love" My parent's were the best example of that, they divorced when I was 12, but stay'd best friends since that day. Congrats on staying so close, Its always better for the kids to have a great role model to look up to!

  4. Omg, he's SUCH a trooper!

  5. haha wow thats so awesome!
    ur ex is one brave man - i cant imagine any of the men i know letting me put makeup on them!

  6. maria, he's really cool dude *g* We still see each other daily and talks almost about everything *g*
    Most of my lashes are PartyXplosion (http://www.carnavals-troeven.nl/alle_artikel_27_0_eyelash.html) branded, though I have bought them from a Finnish shop that sells them.

    Kellsbells, thank you!

    Blushbaby, yes, that would be Andy :D And yes, I think it's great to be still friend with Andy, especially for our child :D

    Crystal.S, he really is *g*

    Angie, he is *g*


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