Oct 8, 2009


I got my MAC pigment samples today.
They are not my favourite colors, but I decided togive them a chance since they were cheap, and I MIGHT need them some day *g*

Cute creamy color with golden sparkles. This is semi.matte with shimmer, so this not super easy to work with, neither superhard. No the best quality, but fair enough.

 Off the Radar:
 This was the only one I had expectations. I was hoping something more though.
This is way more orange that I thought. I thought this would be more darker and redder.
I'm not disappointed still, this is nice too.

 REALLY metallic. I wish I would have Gosh Copper, so I could swatch them together to find out how close dupes they are.
But this is one of the great quality pigments, amazingly pigmented and easy to use.

French Violet:

As you can see from the image, this is one of the "hard to work with" ones. First I thought that this would be as bad as Full Force Violet, but turns out it isn't that bad.
Color is OK, not anything spectacular, but nice.

 Rich Purple:
 Really dark purple. This is matte too, but it seemed to be quite easy to work with. Again not that easy as the shimmering ones, but definately not as bad as the FFViolet.Some how this reminds me of MAC Shadowy Lady, altought Shadowy Lady is not this purple.

This is one of the "good ones" again. I think this is the blue side of the Deep Blue Green pigment.
We all know that I'm not a blue fan, but this is still nice.

And here are the swatches:
(Naval Blue, Rich Purple, French Violet, Copper, Off the Radar, Provence)

Ohohohoh, and I'm getting my Blue Flame tonight! And I just reachieved a messega that my Young Punk has been shipped from US too! Wihii!

And then my LOTD:

MAC Painterly p/p
MAC Copper pigm. (lid + lower lashline)
MAC Beauty Marked e/s (crease + above + lower lashline)
MAC Rated "R" e/s ( inner corner)
NYX Pearl Mania Nude (highlight)
Wet'n'Wild Megaliner
MF FLE mascara

And my nails:

Gosh Tutti Frutti
Color Club Volt of Light
Nfu'oh #44
Konad plate m1


  1. This is just AMAZING!!! Thank you for sharing all those looks with us!

  2. wow looks cool, even if the samples didnt meet your expectations. one question tho: how much is that in your samples and where did you buy them? I cant afford full sized mac pigments, so i was just wonderin ^^


  3. naval blue looks gorgeous!

    your LOTD is amazing

  4. Marina, thank YOU for reading and watching !

    maria, umm.. I don't knoe how much is the exact amount, jar's diameter is 3cm and it's about 1/5 full. These samples are bought from a finnish auction seller. Usually I buy my samples from allcosmeticswholesale, the are quite cheap and I think the samples are quite generous.

    Nicole, thanks <3


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