Oct 24, 2012

Halloween tutorial: Pink Tears

On my facebook page I asked which of Illamasqua Halloween facechart looks I should create:

Most votes went to look #3 (it's ready and done, but I'll post this one first), but in second place came look #4:

I was asked to do to the look in pink color instead of blood red, and so I did :D
Here's how to do it:

Start with lighter foundation, if you want. I again mixed some white Grimas grease paint with my foundation:

Then the eyes.
Prime your lid and apply white shadow to your lid and highlight (ignore my ugly bushy brows :D):

Then use grey shadow to shape the lid. Best is to use both lighter and darker gray to create depth:

Next I used some glitter from Eye Kandy cosmetics (Marshmellow Sugar & Confetti) all over the lid:

Then I added some gray to my lower lashline also:

Then the colored brows.
You can use lip pencil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, what ever you wish to create red/pink brows. I used red and pink from MUFE Flash palette:

Then the winged black liner.
Again you can use pencil, gel liner or liquid liner to create a quite massive wing:

Next the white liner above the black one, good white liners are Illamasqua's Scribe and Lime Crime's Lunar Sea:

Then the tears.
There's easy way (non-3D) or a bit harder way (3D).

You can just draw then with pink/red pencil/liner/shadow/whatever, or you can use pink/red lipgloss to create them, or you can do them the extremely hard way like I did :D :

First you draw the tears with the way you prefer, then apply lash glue (or liquid latex/ 3D gel or similar) over the "tears". Let it dry so it's clear. You can also try to mix some color to glue/latex/gel, so you don't need to draw the tears first:

I decided to add some lipgloss (Illamasqua Petulant) over the dried glue to really enhance the effect (warning, lipgloss is quite messy, so you need to be careful that you don't smudge it):

Then I used the same lipgloss on my lips:

Finally I added a wig, and the look was done:


  1. Gorgeous! So modern! This was my favorite look of all. xx

  2. Que bueno!!! Está genial!!! :)

  3. This is awesome! I would even wear the look on its own and I think I look horrid in white and grey shadows... But somehow I think I'd be able to pull this one off! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wooow, amazing! such a big talent!

  5. Your looks are always so amazing <3 You pulled this off brilliantly!

  6. Reminds me of Invisible Monsters! This is an awesome look!

  7. I love this look! Looks way better pink than blood red in my opinion!

  8. I am also recreating these facecharts! ^_^ Illamasqua totally rocks my socks (or pantyhose, since I rarely wear socks...). As for your recreation of this look; gorgeous! :D

  9. Hello Jangsara! Me and couple of my friends are like the BIGGEST fans of yours and we we're really hoping you could do a Monster High-look or better yet; lookS ! They would suit ur perfect lips and eyes and we are dying to see them. In anycase, love you, keep doing what you do, you're great in it!

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  12. I would actually be tempted to wear this out...without the tears of course , but I love the idea of the twist on pinup looks

  13. This tutorial is just awesome. These pink tears are really scary. I loved your work. The art of this makeup shows your perfection in the field of makeup. Great job. Happy Halloween to all. Halloween Makeup


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