Oct 26, 2012

Halloween tutorial: Illamasqueyes

This is the look #3 from Illamasqua's Halloween facecharts:

Again I started with mixing some white to my foundation to create pale face:

Then I started to shape the eyeshadows by using a thin brush and black gel liner (pencil will do fine too):

When I had the desired shape, I applied matte black shadow to whole lid:

Then I applied Illamasqua's Bedaub Cream Pigment above the black shape (you can also use any light green cream product, or just white to make the color pop):

Over the cream pigment I applied Sugarpill's Midori shadow:

Then more Sugarpill, After party to the lower outer corner, below the black wing:

Then some black, make quite heavy line to your lower lashline with black, also make a wing to the inner corner too:

And add Sugarpill Afterparty below the inner wing too:

Looks quite scary :D

Then line your waterline with black:

Apply mascara, and false lashes to the lower lashline (mine are Faux Black Sparkle) (I also used falsies to the upper lashline, brandless cheap lashes):

Still scary!

Then I used lash glue to attach large black rhinestones:

And to make it a bit less scary looking, I added myself eyebrows with blue eyeliner:

I finishes the look with Illamasqua Disciple lipstick and a hint of Illamasqua liquid metal Surge on the lips:
Head jewellery from  Athene Nocturna


  1. That looks great. Your tutorials are just great and helpful.

  2. Amo suas makes você é realmente incrível. Você talvez não me entenda, mas suas makes parece que falam, ganham vida super beijo

  3. the eyes look so damn gorgeous...

  4. That color is beautiful! The Midnight Blue is very pretty,looks great on you!

  5. The sourpuss lips and expressions really take away from the makeup.


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