Jun 1, 2012

Review & Swatches: Make Up Factory

The Finnish importer of Make Up Factory asked me if I wanted to review and swatch some of Make Up Factory's products, of course I did!

And I'm glad I did, because I found an awesome foundation:

Oil Free Foundation:

"Special oil-absorbing substances and the light formulation of the Oil-Free Foundation guarantee a beautifully matt finish for all skin types. 
It contains polymers, which allow the foundation to be applied smooth and evenly.  In addition, hyaluronic acid supplies all the moisture the skin needs making it look wonderfully fresh."

I have to agree, really. It applies like a dream, it isn't too heavy, and it really lasts good-looking all day!
Next the things I like showing the most (NOT!!), face with no makeup and with primer and Make Up Factory Oil-Free Foundation (warning, my face is in horrible condition, probably because of the new medication I started):

Before  - After

As you can clearly see, it covers well without looking too cakey, applies evenly  and looks nice :D
And when we add highlighter (MAC Lightscapade MSF), blush and shading, the result is really stunning:

Eye Lift Corrector:

This one does pretty much what it promises: Primes, highlights and neutralizes. It's yellow-toned, doesn't apply quite as smoothly as lid primers usually, but makes the shadows pop and holds them in place pretty nicely. My lids aren't especially oily, but I could image that this might be bad choice if you have extreme oily lids.

Duo Eyeshadow #75: (Marine Blue / Light Blue)

This is my least favourite of the products I received. I usually don't wear blue shadows, so the color is wrong, and I'm not a huge fan of the texture either.
It is soft (which is good), but it's also very shimmery and the colors are really pale. I'm not sure if the pigmentation is a bit bad, or are the shadows meant to sheer.

Glitter Eyeshadow / Luxury Metallic Eyeshadow #64:
(Green Lagoon)

This one was better than the duo shadow. It has more pigment, and it's soft and it applies smoothly and evenly. Unfortunately the color is wrong for me again. 


Liquid Eye liner #06 :
(Midnight Blues)

Next is the liquid liner in deep blue color. I actually first thought this was pure black, that's how deep blue it is. I've been lately using so much pencil-tipped eyeliners, that using this was actually almost like learning a new skill, but you can really make super-thin lines with this. 
It's quite long-lasting, though it's not waterproof nor even rain/tear proof. 


In this look I used the Eye Lift Corrector as base, Duo Eyeshadow on upper lid and glitter shadow on lower lashline, and line my eye with Midnight Blues liquid eyeliner.

Shimmer Lip Stick #11:

This is a glitter bomb. 
It's quite dry compared to many other lipsticks, but it holds awfully lot of glitter compared to other lipsticks too, so I guess that makes sense. It's surprisingly long-lasting, it applies really nicely, but it's pain to take off - if you have ever tried to remove glitter nailpolish from your nails, this is almost the same thing (No, you don't need nailpolish remover, but there's glitter EVERYWHERE after removal, it's like Edward Cullen exploded all over your lip area :D).
I do like the color, somehow (I guess because of the glitter) the color even looks duo-chromed.

  Lip color #218:
This is totally different from the previous glitter bomb. It's soft, moist (I hate that word! :D), applies like a dream, it has a dreamy scent... And it looks nice too. I myself prefer my lipsticks to be a bit more drier, this is almost glossy like. 

If you live in Finland, you can order Make Up Factory products from their website: http://www.makeupfactory.fi/
Unfortunately I don't know where to get them if you live outside Finland, but here's a link to their website, I'm sure there's some information: http://www.makeupfactory.de/


  1. I adore the eye look you created here, and the second lipstick is a stunner!

  2. I didn´t know this brand, but the products looks very very good, I would have to get to try them!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. Wish I could get access to these in US!! They look very interesting.... DEF want glitterbomb lips ;)
    Sigh. More stuff we can't get here. I know it goes both ways though. I reaaaaaally want those NAO!! Lol

  4. Tuli ensimmäisenä ulkoasusta mieleen seppälän meikit :D Kurkkasin sivulta hinnat, joten jääpä kokeilematta. :)

  5. I have loved this brand since 08.

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