May 27, 2012

Review & Swatches: MAC Hey Sailor!

A while ago MAC launched their summer collection, called Hey Sailor! I was lucky enough to receive some pieces from the collection:

So the items I got were:
  • Emerald Sea Power Point Eye Pencil
  • Jaunty eyeshadow
  • Feeling Fresh eyeshadow
  • Fleet Fast Powder Blush
  • Riviera Life Lipglass 

Let's start with the eyeshadows:

Feeling Fresh:
Feeling Fresh is a truly fresh color, bright green with a fair amount of shimmer. I think it's pigmented and it blends well, and it's great color for bright looks. Again, my red hair doesn't really work with greens right now, so haven't loved this baby as much as it deserves. :P

I. Love. Jaunty. 
Really. This is the ultimate everyday color for me. If I don't feel like putting much makeup, just a hint of this with liner and mascara and I'm ready! 
It's pearly, beautifully shimmery light beige, not too shimmery or glittery, but glowing. And it's pigmented, and a dream to apply and blend.

Emerald Sea Powerpoint pencil:

Emerald Sea is almost matte green eyepencil, kinda dirty green. It's not the most pigmented pencil I've seen, but you can get nice smooth and soft green lines for a summer look with this.This did last nicely on my upper and lower lashline, but faded in few hours from waterline, and it was quite a pain to apply evenly to waterline.

Here's a super quick look with the shadows and pencil:

Fleet Fast:
Fleet Fast is a bit dirty pink with tiniest peachy golden shimmer, and it has actually become one of my "to-go" blushes. It's extremely pigmented (like most of the MAC blushes I have) and I have be careful not to get clown cheeks with it, but if used lightly it gives natural look.


Riviera Life:

 Riviera Life is bright orange semi-opaque lipgloss with some gold shimmer/sparkles. I love the scent of MAC lip products and this is no exception. Unfortunately I never learned how to use oranges (or warm reds) so I haven't really used it, but when swatched it felt quite lasting, not too runny or too sticky.


  1. I love your reviews!
    The products look lovely.
    But this year I haven't liked ANY of MAC's new collections..
    So I stick to the old permanent stuff ^^

  2. Love the colors,love your blog, and love MAC!

  3. Jaunty looks like such a pretty color! Too bad I've put myself on a makeup budget :(

  4. Jaunty and the blush are pretty beautiful. <3

  5. Wow you really made beautifull pictures! I really love the eyeshadow with the name 'Jaunty', that great finish! You make nice swatches :)

  6. these are some of the most stunning pics on make up, and skin maintenance. Really, really good job there. Congrats on fine photography and fine beauty management :-)

  7. Interesting colors. Thanks for the review.

  8. The blush is my favorite, it is beautiful!

  9. Just wanted to say that i love your blog!:) Two thumbs up for your skills with makeup:)

  10. Hi. Great review as always, i so wish i could afford to have you as my make up artist!

  11. It's funny the way you described Jaunty is similar to what Tiffany D said in her review of the collection. I can't ever justify purchasing a product off just one positive review, but two well that's another story.;) Thanks for the review!

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