May 2, 2012

Review: Glitzy Lips

Some of you may have heard about GlitzyLips, since Katy Perry wore it at 2012 Grammys:

CocoGoddess - Gild yourself, you bronze goddess. CocoGoddess makes you worthy of worship.
Don’t Copperme - Rich copper sunburst lips outshine everyone in the room. Don’t mess with this design.
PinkCouture - Stomp the runway graced with lips so deliciously berry pink you will demand the crowd’s attention.
PinkRosa - Sexy, sophisticated lips laced with icy champagne pink command respect.
RainbowDar - Harness and layer the rainbow to create a look that is uniquely you.
SmokeySilver - Lay down the law with this super sexy gun metal bronze-silver design.
WineMeOva - Rich like fine red wine, drink in this shine and get tipsy with delight. Slip it on and have a sip.
ZunigaBlue - These daring light turquoise and teal blue lips don’t just pop, they POW!
ReddyOrNot - Show stopping sexy classic pin-up lips rule the stage and demand respect. The spotlight is on... you!

I decided to try the ReddyOrNot, because red fits for everyone, right?

So, mailman had been a bit rough with my package, but everything inside was still intact:

Each Glitzy Lips kit includes 5ft GlitzyFoil, 1/4 ounce GlitzyStick.
20-25 applications per kit. (IF you can apply it easily!!)

So, how does it work then?

First you apply glue to your lips:
(It's lip-safe glue, but it looks and smell and feel like a glue)

Then you apply the foil over your glued lips:
Not like this!

But like this:

Then you rip it off:

...and repeat until you are satisfied. To be totally honest, after ~10 layers/ applications I gave up. This was pretty much the best I could do:

But I was a bad person and cheated by applying Lime Crime's Candy Apple over the foil:


Here's my final attempt, again with numerous layers of foils:

I really don't know what was wrong with my technique, I did everything like instructed, but still no. When I got one part covered, there was a great change I would rip parts of it off with second layer.

Also, the glue + foil combination felt AWFUL on my lips, really really really super hyper dry. Just horrible feeling. I think they also look really dry :S

But I'm sure these would look great with some editorial looks, especially in photoshoots!

Get it from: ,


  1. I love the color and the concept but I don't think I'd be daring enough to try this. some part of me thinks it looks kind of chapped lips. I don't know! I loooooove the idea though!

  2. Isn't that the same product u use to foil a nail??
    Ur lips look amazing though :

    1. My nail stylist uses Glitzy Lips for nails!

  3. it looks interesting in their example photos but logistically, sounds like it feels horrrrrible lol sounds like too much work! And you are right, it looks like it was really drying :( No thanks! I'll just stick with my semi metallic lip gloss (container is old and most the writing has worn away but it's called black radiance)

  4. ack..and def not worth $30 bucks!!!

  5. It's definitely a bold look and I agree, it would be fantastic for an editorial look. However, the problematic application and drying would be deal breakers for me.

  6. I really like the metallic foiled finish, but I reeeaaaally don't like lip products that emphasize lip lines. These would be a no-go for me! Too bad, because I love the idea of the super metallic, dramatic look. Thanks for reviewing these!

  7. J don't really like the effect of chapped lips...and they're also expensive too.

  8. Crazy lips, they look amazing! thanks for sharing!

  9. Thats amazing, but i dont think i'd like the feel of foil on my lips =/ I'd constantly want to peel it off, and i imagine it would start to flake after a while D: But it does create a stunning effect

  10. Ha, Ha. Katy Perry looks like it is hurting her lips too. :D

  11. If it helps you, I had the same issues with similar foils applied on nails. It got ripped even if I followed the instructions precisely. No smooth surface, no perfectly applied pattern. No success. But I tried it once, maybe I should give it another try...
    The lips look perfect, for some occasion it can be great!

  12. this kind of reminds me of violent lips! you should do a review on some of those!!

  13. From afar and on the photos it looks pretty nice, but I think in real life it would be a bit... too much probably, but then again, depends on the occasion and the look one wants to pull off.
    I kinda like the idea, though it irritates me that I used to have such glue + foil to decorate cards and wrapping paper once.... probably not the same stuff you put on your lips there but still looking pretty much the same :'D

  14. it looks so stunning when you added the lipstick. i would wear this for a night out on the town .


    Saara Sarvas has quite good instructions, imo. Maybe you want to check it out. :)

  16. The color of that red one is gorgeous, like Dorothy's ruby slippers, but just as you say it sure looks very dry and uncomfortable. And to be honest I don't really see the point in covering your lips in foil since a good coat of lipstick can put any color you'd like to your mouth. :)

    Have a lovely day!


  17. It's a fun idea but I don't think it's worth the hassle.. plenty of nice wearable lipsticks and glosses out there :)

  18. nice idea, but only for shootings or runway. I won't have glue on my lips longer than 10 minutes. eeewww!

  19. En tiedä ootko jo huomannut mutta Xtreme Lashes on facebookissa lisännyt sun kuvan seinälleen.

  20. I think the sample lips look like unopened microwave dinners personally, not my favourite fad I've come across, it's not exactly practical. Like you said though, great for photoshoots and such, just not a night on the tiles. D:

  21. Wow :D Ive never seen something like that !! It is great ! :D

  22. Hello Jangsara

    First comment on your blog even I follow you since something like 3years.
    First of all I must tell you how wonderful your work is, always making me dream "if only I was so talented", so: BRAVO ^_^

    I wonder if this thing is the same than the foil used for manucures, the foils really seems to be the same, maybe the glue is different...
    Anyway, when you show us the result of your first foil application it reminds me the first time I applied foils on my nails. After trying to "fill in the blanks" I finally figured out that maybe the glue wasn't dry enough. When it's about nail foils, the result is better when the glue is dryer, don't know how long you waited but for my nails I wait around 10minutes and then I don't have "holes".
    If it's a manucure like foil, then there are many many other colors and patterns... (and that cost less... they should allow the customers to buy the foils and the adhesive separetly)

    However, your test is amazing. I'm not sure I would go outside with such lips but I prefer soft colors on my lips... The concept is really interesting, non sticky lipstick is something that all men would like, but men who don't like lipstick because of the sticky contact probably won't like the flashy colors of these :s
    Thank you for sharing this, great job as usual! ^_^

  23. Wow, i love this!
    With Candy Apple on top of it, it looks gorgeous!

  24. I would use a matching fully dried lip stain under it so you don't mute the foil going over it with a second product. Honestly though I think Hourglass extreme sheen in the color Siren gives about the same effect and you know one step traditional app. I would love to see some of the more holographic foils. Maybe a baby pink lip stain under? I know I seem insistent about the stain, but it looks like it needs some kind of base color underneath.

  25. Wow! Is it for real? It so fabulous! I really want that too but gosh! Is there any other way rather than to put the foil? I haven't tried it yet but I think it is one of the best way to hide lip lines or chapped on your lips.


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