Apr 21, 2012

Coal and fire

I finally "found" the Hunger Games, I read the first two books and today I went to see the movie, and I've been totally obsessed with the world of inspiration it gives me!
I would move to Capitol to become an makeup artist in an instant, if it would be possible! :D
For now I have done two Effie looks, two general Capitol looks, one Capitol test look and yesterday night I did this Katniss inspired look.
It's kinda inspired by the whole "Girl on fire" - theme, but I also was inspired by the outfit in the second book:

I wanted to represent coal, fire and that rebellious atmosphere in the makeup.

There's no tutorial, no full face look (like said, it did this late at night, so I only did one eye, and this is meant to be more expressional photos than wearable makeup), not even a product list, because I used a ton of different products to do this. :P

I hope you still like it!

And one with dull light and without photoshopping:

Brace yourselves, more Hunger Games looks are coming! ;D

Are there any specific Hunger Games looks you'd like to see? Either from the movie or from the first two books? 


  1. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely perfect and captures the whole vibe I had about Katniss when reading the books :D

  2. It looks incredible! I love it <3 More, more such looks & posts!
    I saw HG on Thursday and I totally enjoyed it but can't remember any particular face that I wish you recreated... but probably other comment will bring your inspiration :)

  3. SUPER! <3 I love Hunger Games!

  4. That is really amazing! I would love to see a tutorial of this, some time in the future, just because this is so interesting. That texture is really cool.

  5. What's Eddard Stark doing there? :D

    But those are super awesome looks! I must've missed the other Capitol look, since I can't seem to find it anywhere. Oh well.

    Your blog is always so inspiring. I just love it!

  6. Haven't seen the movie but this is one awesome piece of art!

  7. Fantastic!!!! You are wonderful!!!!

  8. Heyy you have to make a post about your favourite make-up blogs! I have been following yours for quite a time since it's the best one I know :D But i'm so hungry for even more and I want to see what you like :D Thanks for great inspiration!

  9. That last pic is Ned Stark from Games of Throne... Great look though! Xx

    1. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/imminent-ned-brace-yourselves-x-is-coming

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