Jul 28, 2011

So get your a** up, show me how you burlesque!

Lately I've been doing not just one, but two burlesque themed makeup and photoshoots!
The first one was for bachelorette party , it had to be bold, but still fitting for bar round.
With second one I had totally free hands, but I ended up doing quite ordinary look, I didn't want to overdo the look.
And I must admit that I really like how the pics came out!

First the yesterday's look with T:


Then A:

For T I used Sugarpill Goldilux and MAC Heritage Rouge, with some MUFE #101 to inner corner & highlight:

And for A I used MUFE #109 & #140, rhinestones and fancy lashes:

Jul 26, 2011

Tutorial: Steampunk

(I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages, but here's a tutorial for you guys!)

  • TFSI primer
  • MAC Old Gold
  • MAC Heritage Rouge
  • MAC Dark Soul
  • MAC Melon
  • MAC Vanilla
  • Palladio eyeliner Bronze
  • MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
  • Mascara

Start with priming your lid with your favourite eye primer:

Apply MAC Old Gold pigment to inner half of the lid:

Then apply HeritageRouge to outer corner, and to crease:

Darken the crease a bit with black shadow, such as MAC Dark Soul, MAC Carbon etc:

Take your blending brush and some MAC Melon, and blend the edges away:

Then apply Vanilla to inner corner and to highlight:

Apply dark shadow to outer half of lower lashline :

Then line your eye with Bronze liner, both upper lashline and lower lashline:

 Then line your waterline with black liner (I used MAC Blitz & Glitz fluidline):

Then add mascara:

And the look is done:

Add some gears and that kind of stuff, and get ready to party:

The "gears" are from old wall clock, they are originally white and plastic, but I used some nailpolish and MAC Old Gold pigment to make them look better. And they are attached with lash glue.

Jul 5, 2011

Tears and Pearls (and fudge!)


It's been so hot in here, that I really haven't even used makeup lately.
Can you believe, I even stopped using foundation, because it would melt away anyway :P
Sama thing with eyeshadows, I've been using only neutrals, if any.
My makeup has pretty much have been just mascara and defined brows :P

And it's also been too hot to even play with makeup, but I managed to do this pearl look while back:

 Then yesterday I watched Britain's Next Top Model, and there was a photoshoot against domestic violence.
It inspired me to do my own pictures:
 No Jangsaras were harmed during the shoot
 (I used MUFE flashcolors to create the black eye, then I sprayed some water to my eye to make my makeup look messed and some fake blood coming from the nose. )

That's about all I have done with makeup lately :S
I also managed to break my computer's graphic card (with Alice - Madness Returns <3), so I'm having a bit hard time to go through and editing my photos, which really isn't helping with my makeup block :P

But as a cheer up, I found an awesome company called British Fudge Company:

They sell fudge, all kind of fudge!
Like Death by Baileys, After Eight, Irish Coffee, Coconut Mint.... *drool*

And then some totally pointless photos of delicious fudge: