Jul 26, 2011

Tutorial: Steampunk

(I'm sorry I haven't updated in ages, but here's a tutorial for you guys!)

  • TFSI primer
  • MAC Old Gold
  • MAC Heritage Rouge
  • MAC Dark Soul
  • MAC Melon
  • MAC Vanilla
  • Palladio eyeliner Bronze
  • MAC Blitz&Glitz fluidline
  • Mascara

Start with priming your lid with your favourite eye primer:

Apply MAC Old Gold pigment to inner half of the lid:

Then apply HeritageRouge to outer corner, and to crease:

Darken the crease a bit with black shadow, such as MAC Dark Soul, MAC Carbon etc:

Take your blending brush and some MAC Melon, and blend the edges away:

Then apply Vanilla to inner corner and to highlight:

Apply dark shadow to outer half of lower lashline :

Then line your eye with Bronze liner, both upper lashline and lower lashline:

 Then line your waterline with black liner (I used MAC Blitz & Glitz fluidline):

Then add mascara:

And the look is done:

Add some gears and that kind of stuff, and get ready to party:

The "gears" are from old wall clock, they are originally white and plastic, but I used some nailpolish and MAC Old Gold pigment to make them look better. And they are attached with lash glue.


  1. Awesome, love it! I don't think I'm gonna glue a key to my face but I'm definately trying this look :D

  2. great to see a tutorial from you again! it looks absolutely stunning :D

  3. You're so amazingly talented. Great look!

  4. I adore steampunk and you made a gorgeous look. I own most of these colours, so Im definately trying this one out!

  5. Beautiful!

  6. Cool to match up a golden look with the gears! I really like people with a good imagination of how to use things where you normally wouldn't!

  7. absolutely stunning! just posted this on our facebook page :)

  8. Wow....its amazing!!!!


  9. i love it! im going to have to get those colors now and do this.

  10. Oh, lovley! I really like the steampunk style ;)

  11. Just wanted to say that I really really ADORE the eye makeup. It is stunning as always and I the colors are perfect for blue eyes.

    The one problem I do have with it as a "steampunk" look is just the random gluing of gears and a key to classify it as steampunk. I consider myself a member of the steampunk community (costume making, going to cons, reading the novels, etc.) and many members of the community have a saying of "gears do not a steampunk make." Many people take offense to the mainstream depiction of steampunk as just some sepia tones, gears, and top hats. I wouldn't want someone to see this who is not familiar with steampunk and think this was all it was about.

    I know that you didn't mean to be offensive and I know that it is very hard to make a steampunk makeup look because steampunk is less about makeup and more about clothes and gadgets (many steampunks do not even wear makeup because makeup was frowned upon during the victorian era which steampunk takes much of its inspiration from).

    I hope you (and anyone else reading this) don't get offended by this comment because it was very hard for me to write since I am a huge fan of yours. I do not mean this as hate, just as a constructive criticism.

  12. @ Samantha: cant halp replying even though this is Jangsara's blog and you're adressing her and not me.
    But I don't see how you could have a problem with this look being regarded steampunk. Steampunk is a subgenre that's inspired by 19th century but also fantasy and scifi and to me this look matches that perfectly. The glued particles are just there to give it and even more steampunk look.
    Perhaps you shouldn't be offended that it doesn't match your idea of stempunk but you should be happy that "your" community gave inspiration for such a great look.
    My two cents. :)

  13. @Lisanne Again, this is why I hesitated to even write the above comment because I knew it could be taken the wrong way.

    First, I never claimed it as "my" community, and I find the way you put "your" in quotations in that way to be very snide, implying that I feel it is exclusive to me and a select few others. I do not. I try my best to not be one of those snooty "we had it first; how dare you steal it; don't ever try to take inspiration from us" kind of people because I know that they hinder understanding more than help it. I do think that steampunk coming in to the limelight is very exciting and can open up the genre to many people who otherwise would not be aware of it.

    I merely was trying to point out, less to Jangsara and more to readers that may have no idea what steampunk is, that it is more than just slapping a couple gears onto something (makeup look, jewelry, fashion piece) and calling it a day.
    I in no way think that is what Jangsara meant by this AT ALL. I believe that she was very much inspired by the genre, did her research, and did a makeup look for a genre in which makeup is not a key component (which a commend her for). As stated above, a makeup look for steampunk is very hard to do without it coming off this way.

    It merely worries me that a reader could see this, not really know what the genre was about, call anything with gears "steampunk", and offend a less understanding individual.

    Thank you for replying though. It wasn't just directed at Jangsara but was more a general discussion point and is open to anyone. It is great that as a fan you defended her when you felt she was attacked, though I really tried to make my comment as non-confrontational and non-malicious as possible. I in no way wanted to offend anyone and still look up to Jangsara as the amazing talent that she is.

  14. @Samantha: I didn't mean my reply as harsh as it might have come across but I also like a little discussion from time to time. ;) Please don't feel my response as an attack, it wasn't meant that way but I do look at it a little differently also because I don't believe subgenre's have a very distinct line or border and I kinda like it when people think outside that border of a subgenre and use it as they like, if you know what I mean. :D

  15. This is stunning- possible inspired by Alice: Madness Returns? :)

  16. This was just what I was looking for to complete my Halloween costume! Thank you so much.
    I love the look!

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