Dec 22, 2011

Tutorial: New Year at Poolside

As always, start with priming your eye with your favorite primer:

Apply turquoise eyeshadow to whole lid ( mine is MakeupGeek Poolside, but MAC Cool Heat is quite close dupe, or MUFE #83):

Then apply dark brown to crease (mine is MakeupGeek Bada Bing, but ie. MAC Showstopper might work):

Blend lighter, preferably red-based brown upwards from the crease (Mine is Makeupgeek Goddess & Mocha):

Then add a hint of black shadow to outer corner and crease to bring a bit more depth (I used MUG Corrupt):

Then the glitter.
I used Fyrinnea's Pixie Epoxy, I carefully patted it over the shadow. I also added a hint of MUG White Lies to highlight:

And still being careful, I patted MUFE Diamond powder #008 to middle of the lid:

I did the same thing for the brown area with MUFE Diamond Powder #015:

I also applied the tiniest amount of black glitter (MUFE #110) over the black shadow, and then I lined my upper lashline with liquid black liner:

Then I lined my lower lashline with MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil #12L:

I blended the pencil with MUG Poolside, and liner my waterline with black pencil:

Then I just added mascara:

And finished the look with false lashes:


In case you haven't seen yet, my other tutorial with MakeupGeek shadows in online at MUG too:


  1. amazing blue eye shadow! great colours! fantastic make-up!

  2. Wow, this is really well-made and sooo beautiful !
    *waa* need moa glitter for christmas :D

  3. both make ups are amazingly pretty! As usual (;

  4. I dont use these colors, but when I see in your make p I like it.

  5. I always love your make up tutorial!

  6. love it i don t like those kind of blue green eyeshadow but your look is so great you give me a great idea , awesome.

  7. Totally gorgeous. I think I need that diamond powder!

  8. The glitter in the crease is just TOO cool :D

  9. Ach, so gorgeous, love how you even contoured with the glitter :)

  10. Awesome! Your so cool:) love what you do!

  11. awesome! great colorful smokey eye to welcome a new year. I think I'll be wearing smokey eyes on New Year's eve or do a contrast look with a classic eyeliner an red lips - which is my signature makeup for this Christmas.

  12. this is fabulous!!! loving your blog :)))

  13. gorgeous

  14. I love the torquoise and brown combo! Thanks for the tutorial ♥

  15. this is great!!
    i think i will use this!

  16. I can only say OMG, this is soooo pretty!

  17. This is so beautiful :)
    I will have to try this out :)

  18. I like how you added a full face shot. It helps to see the whole balance of the look and not just one eye. It look wearable and not just art. :)

  19. Wonderful !
    I love these two looks, very nice mix.
    A + for the second in warm colours !

  20. you are incredible! hands down! I love love it!!!

  21. You have some AMAZING tutorials!! Thank you for breaking it down step by step! Hoping to try one out for New Year's Eve tomorrow night!! Gorgeous!

  22. I adore this look! So much amazing sparkle.

  23. I normally love your tutorials and i really like this look, but i feel like your posts are becoming more and more MUG centered. And then I go on MUG and there's only posts about actual makeup looks like once or twice a season. It's disappointing because I used to really look forward to your more creative looks and now I feel like this blog isn't what it was before, it's more like MUG part 2. :(

  24. Wow... I wish I could be able do anything close to this or any of your makeups :)
    I try though...
    I first intended on buying SMH eyeshadows but I completly fell in love with your Cranberry Smoke look so I went for Make up Geek's products which I REALLY love, so thanks for that!
    What I'd like to know is how you would compare SMH and MUG overall ? Which brand is best according to you ?
    Thanks :)


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