Dec 27, 2011

Review & Swatches: Kat von D Tattoo Chronicles – Candelabra Edition

I posted this review on MakeupGeek site too, but I thought it might be useful here too :D

A palette with 16 eye shadows and a mascara held in a component that resembles a book.

Full of stories of mystery and intrigue, the Tattoo Chronicles Candelabra Edition looks like a gorgeous, velvet-covered book. Open its pages to see Kat’s own tattoo-inspired drawings and handwritten journal entries about life, love, and beauty. Turn to the last page to reveal a palette of makeup, including sixteen trendsetting eye shadows, Kat’s new Sin-Full Lash mascara, and a large mirror.

If you liked the previous Kat von D palette, you’ll like this one for sure too.

All the shadows are extremely pigmented and the mascara is really good too. The packaging is extremely stunning again, I love the  black velvet, though it’s hard to keep looking good is you don’t store it well. Personally I keep my Kat von D palettes both on the shelf, since they really look like books, so for me they are easy to store.

Every row has shadows that compliment each other, first to use as highlighter, second as a lid color, and to darker shades. And of course you can mix them all you want.

Really beautiful palette with something for everyone :D

First Class,  Sunset Blvd:

Precious, Downtown:

First Class is the warm highlighter of this bunch, Sunset Blvd is warm yellow gold,  Precious is kinda shimmery nude, and downtown is the subtle crease color.

Camila, Galeano:

Black Hearts, WTF:

Camila is the only tricky color in this palette, it works on lid and as a highlighter, but doesn’t really show up in swatches.  Light pink with teeniest amount of shimmer. Galliano is slightly lilac taupe, Blackhearts is beautiful dark brownish purple with gold glitter, and WTF is bold red color.

Holy Bible, Speed Blue:

Oddfellow, Blacksmith:

Holy Bible is the second clearly highlight color, this time cold white with shimmer. Speed Blue is shimmery quite true blue. Oddfellow is beautiful matte black with blue and green glitters, and Blacksmith is black with large amount of silver glitter, similar to UD Oil Slick.

 Helsinki, Evil Monkey:

Nerd, Night of the Hunter:

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and a warm light brown with huge amount of gold glitter. Evil Monkey is beautiful shimmery kinda nude color. Nerd is forest green with silver glitter. Night of the hunter is matte deep army green.


  1. I can't wait to see the looks you've done with this... the colors seem so vivid and phenomenal! Where can I find this palette?

  2. i have this palette too and my swatches are really different so i have to ask did you foiled them? eitherway this palette is gorgeous and love the shadows!! can't wait to see some looks from you with this palette

  3. Wowzers, I never go too crazy for her shadows but I LOVE these, I may stop in to pick it up. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. woooow, this palette seems amazing... ♥

  5. I LOVE this "palette"! But I will wait for it to go on sale before purchasing. I bought the last book on sale, but then the price went even lower!

  6. ooo this is great!!
    I love to have this!!

  7. This palette looks really great, I think I kinda really want it! :p LOL

  8. What a nice palette !
    And for the WTF... it's such a beautiful dark red. I don't know if we can find this brand in France, but it's still a dream for me to found it.

  9. Hi, my name is Ivanna and I'm from Argentina. found your blog very long time ago and loved it, your works are very cute and original!! I am a professional makeup artist and I recently did a blog, I would love if we follow each other:) so here you decide:)
    I apologize if you do not understand very well what I wrote , because I am helping a translator haha
    well ... I say goodbye, kisses!!

  10. Wow, great colors, and so high pigmented...The Inside an the Outside are very great.

    I am a little bit jealous ;)

  11. Jee onnea, Kat von D ite fanitteli sun blogia sen twitterissä ;D

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