Oct 6, 2011

Tutorial: MAC Halloween Zombie chic


I'm apparently going crazy this halloween, I've done so many halloween looks already ;P
More tutorials coming, when I get the instructions written.

How ever, here's a look and tutorial based on MAC's halloween face chart:

Start with priming your face with your favorite primer:

Apply white base for your skin:

Use red shadow for your eyes (Sugarpill Love+):

Add more red with powder brush or similar to make it blend nicely:

Here’s how I blended it:

Then use blending brush to apply black shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) to the sides of your nose:

Like this:

Then apply some black shadow to the crease:

So there:

Then some black shadow to your lower lashline:

Like this:

Next we add some black pencil to line eyes:

Like this:

Let’s then add some more red to eyes, so that they really stand out:

Better already:

Next we define cheeks, apply some black shadow, find you own bone structure:

Apply even more red to blend out the black:


Apply mascara:

Look can be used like this too, if you don’t like the “crackles”:

Use thin brush and gel liner/ liquid liner to draw small cracks to the sides of your nose where you added black shadow:

Something like this:

Make also some cracks to temples:

Something like this:

I also added some random cracks to my forehead and cheeks:

Then line your lips with black, and fill with white (for example the base you used for skin) to make them gray, or use your own color!

And the look is done!


  1. Amazing!!! Very innovative!

  2. It's perfect! I like it so much!

  3. Wow, this is amazing, you are so talented :)

  4. This is great! Love your work so much!

  5. This is SO COOL. The red and black kinda remind me of a vampire, demon or succubus, but then the lips remind me of an alien race. So a life-force sucking evil alien race! >:D

  6. This is really, really awesome! Spooky and sexy.

  7. This is one of my favorite face charts! Thanks for doing this tutorial!

  8. Wonderfull *_*

    Greetings from germany :))


  9. omg this is amazing...you always have the most awesome looks!

  10. Omg its really awesome!! great look!!!

  11. I tried this out, and I LOVE it. So creative, a little scary, but definitely sexy. I'm in love <3

  12. Love the look! I don't know how you always get your final pictures to look so amazing with the wigs and lighting!


  13. This is great, I have replicated this look and your instructions are really easy to follow. I'm looking forward to wear this on October 31.

  14. I love this look! I'm going to aim for a mix of this and your Aguilera look, with some fishnet stippling (rather then the veins) for my halloween look. BTW...I think I killed the better part of 4 hours looking through your blogs. Gorgeous work!!!

  15. This is wonderful! This look of yours inspired my zombie vines/veins look!


  16. So... i just saw you (From a picture on facebook of your Avenger eyes) and i gotta say... im sooo impressed. i know im a nobody, and my being impressed isnt anything, but i still wanted to say that.
    youre makeup is amazing.
    your photos are stunning!

    im an author, and all i could think about is how amazing your pictures would be as book covers!! if you dont sell them, you should!! you could make good money selling the photos you have to indie authors!!


  17. Wow, you look so amazing my dear! So pretty makeup. I'd love to have the same on my face too, just wish i could be that great in makeup.. More power and i'll look forward to your more tutorial.

    Feel free to check out my own post featuring Halloween makeup ideas for more ideas and makeup.



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