Sep 26, 2011

Fake yourself

I got contacted by and asked if I'd want to try and review some of their products, including colored contact lenses and false lashes, and of course I wanted!

I picked Bambi Princess Mimi Apple Green contacts, and No. 4 Sexy Eye False Eyelashes (they seem to be out of stock :S).
Package arrived very fast, it was neatly packed, and everything was intact.

I took Princess Mimi contacts, because their diameter is 15mm instead of the normal 14mm, and I wanted BIG EYES.
Well, I got what I asked!

Huuuuuge eyes! (There are also the eyecandy lashes in pictures above)
And they feel so comfortable, like I wouldn't have contacts at all!

Here's some daily looks with the contacts and lashes:
They work with glasses too I think!

As well as without glasses!

I haven't really done any wild looks recently, but they worked with this blue look too:

And one of the reasons I've been quiet, is this:

Well, not excatly that, but more this:
Done by J. Salakka
It's in my upper back, I love it, and in that picture it is one day old, so it's not healed yet, but I still had to share the picture :3

Who knows what it's inspired by?


  1. Söpööö olet nuo linssit päässä :D Ja ei jumala ku on hieno tatuointi 0__o ruusu siinä on nam!

  2. big eyes! they look lovely.

    the tattoo is a Dark Tower reference, isnt it! I hope it has healed nicely :)

  3. love the huge eyes & the tatt too :D

  4. Your tattoo is inspired by Stephen King's Dark Tower series :) Love those books (and your tattoo)!

  5. LOVE the detail in the rose of that tattoo. And your eyes look ginormous with those lenses! So awesome!

  6. That's a great tat!! I'm looking forward to trying some of those large contacts. I have the color ones but just the regular opaque shades.

  7. Killer tattoo! What kind of camera do you use? Your pics are always so amazing.

  8. wow, those are seriously the best looking colored contacts i've ever seen. They look so doll-like and beautiful and I like how the rim around the color is dark.


  9. Whoa, the contacts are SO trippy with the doll eye makeup *___* and aKLSDJLASDJ I LOVE that blue look.

    Awesome tattoo!

  10. the picture with the pink wig is so adorable. The contacts worked well cos your eyes are indeed huge with them on.
    The tattoo design is lovely, but why the tattoo? any particular reason?

  11. What/how you put the rhinestones on your skin? :)

  12. A Dark tower tattoo!!! It is amazing. I absolutely adore that book <3

  13. Yes, the dark tower series, very cool. Love the circle lenses

  14. huh, contacts made such big difference it's crazy! You looked like a japanese girl somehow in the first pic. I love to pop in to your blog because you do so many various looks!!!

  15. Ei juma, olen ehkä maailman kovin DT-fani (omasta mielestäni) enkä tajunnu ennenku luin kommentit mistä se tuli se siun tatska :D Upea! :)

  16. omg the dark tower !!! freaking awesome books, I absolutely love your tattoo, I have thought about doing Roland's revolver with the rose wrapped around it on my hip .... hmmm !

  17. I loved your entire range of contact lenses, they are very attractive & beautiful. Every color of it is greatly chosen to make our eyes look perfect.


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