Jun 9, 2011

Review: Sigma Dry'n'Shape

The Dry’n Shape was designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed.

The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre.  The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes.

The Dry’n Shape is an easy, quick, and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes.

Like many other Sigma affiliates, I also got to try the Sigma's new hit product, Dry'n'Shape System.
It promises to dry and shape your brushes in 4-6 hours.

 +  :
  • Does what it promises, dries and shapes brushes in ~5 hours
  • Can be used also as a brushroll, if you don't own one
  • Is quite small 
  • Looks and feels good quality

- :
  • Bands have quite limited size range,  they fit great for Sigma brushes, but my Sonia Kashuki brush had some problems fitting to it well, not to mention my TokiDoki kabuki...
  • Doesn't work for eyebrushes (Maybe they dry faster, and don't need shaping?)

The bands are (at least at this point) firm, and they do shape brushes well, maybe a bit too well in some cases, like with my MSCHIC Skunkbrush:

Originally it looks like this
After Sigma's Dry'n'Shape:
Poor thing looks a bit anorectic :(

I think Dry'n'Shape works best with Sigma's own brushes, ESPECIALLY with Sigma's F80, F82 and F8:

Wash your brushes using a mild shampoo or brush cleanser.

STEP 2:Gently press the bristles to remove any excess water. Place the clean, damp brushes into the Dry’n Shape using the smallest band the brush will fit into. Make sure that all bristles are firmly compressed.

STEP 3:Wait 4 to 6 hours and your brushes will be completely dry and ready to use! In addition to being completely dry, the bristles will be reshaped to their original form.  Your brushes will be perfect for your makeup application!


This is a nice thing to own, if you need your bigger brushes to dry fast.
I could live without this, but I'm not complaining that I have it!
If you want it, you can get from Sigma, at price of $29: Dry'n'Shape System.


  1. loool at the anorectic line, you're so funny :P It looks like a good product, though, and my face brushes always take a long time to dry so I'll check this out!

  2. Thanks for the review! It's nice to finally see what someone thinks about these. Looks promising, but all of my brushes are MAC so idk how that'd work out. But lol, I loved your anorexic line too. Haha.


  3. Haha poor anorexic brush! I might consider purchasing this if they made a smaller one just for face brushes, since mine always take an abominably long time to dry :)

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