Jun 9, 2011

I can has?


Again, this post will not include my looks, only drooling.

Temptalia posted pictures of MAC's upcoming Semi-precious collection, and I'm in awe:

I included the most droolable shadow pics here, check out the rest of the collection from Temptalia:
  • Blue Sheen Melange of navy, black, peach (Limited Edition)
 Oooh, electric looking blue! I've been drooling MAC Sea & Sky mix, but this looks much better <3

  • Clarity Melange of light pink, off white green, gold, and black (Limited Edition)
 Oh, this might look like fun when mixed! If the black doesn't make it too gray, it should be interesting color combo!

  • Dark Indulgence Melange of forest green and black (Limited Edition)
Gosh, isn't that AWESOME? I love deep greens, and that looks one truly deep green!

  • Golden Glaze Melange of gold and black (Limited Edition)
 Oh, I'm sure this would look awesome on lid!

  • Hint of Sapphire Melange of pink, violet, teal, copper, blue (Limited Edition)
 This might be really interesting color when you mix all the colors! In Spectra swatch it looks really metallic, like some futuristic material!

  • Jade’s Fortunate Melange of bright yellow, blue, lime, black (Limited Edition)
 This might look like Fresh Green mix, but if it doesn't, it could be cool!

  • Smoky Ruby Melange of burgundy and black (Limited Edition)
 I don't know what's wrong with me with these bolf colors on black base, I have some thing for them :D
  • Unsurpassable Melange of green, teal, purple, copper (Limited Edition)
That look interesting! I winder how bright the green really is... Hopefully  it's super bright!

Where on earth could I get money to get all of these pretty babies? ~$160 from US, around $230 if I would get them from Finland. Why, oh why must I be poor :D Where is my lottery win when I need it?


  1. Not been that impressed with the last few MAC collections but these all look really beautiful - I wouldn't want to use them and get them all powdery because they look really pretty in the pands!

  2. If I'm addicted to one thing from Mac is the mineralize eyeshadows and blushes, so I'm really excited about this one!

  3. Kuolasin itsekin näiden luomivärien perään eilen, kun näin ne Temptaliassa. Varsinkin tuo Smoky Ruby. <3 Iskee ihan totaalinen vararikko. Tosin pitää odotella swatchit ensin.

  4. Wooow, the eyeshadows look so great... love it! (:


  5. Looks so beautiful !!! these eyeshadows are so hypnotizing...

  6. I'm really interested to see how Hint of Sapphire swatches, because it reminds me of rainbow ice cream ^__^

  7. Menee taas kaikki rahat näihin... Grääh. Mut on ne niin nättejä! <3

  8. Koska noita tule Stockalle? Mistä ylipäätään sais tietää Stockan lounch datet, kun aina kun mä käyn kysymässä, ne heittää jotain puolipyöreetä seuraavasta kokoelmasta ("öö joo, seuraavaks taitaa tulla Peacocky, tulee joskus ehkä kolmen viikon päästä about")?


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